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The Black Robe Essay, Research Paper My father, the chief of our village, made a deal with the Frenchman, Samuel de Champlain, the chief of his people. My father accepted pots and axes and food in exchange for taking two frenchmen to the Huron Indians. One man, named Father la Forge, was a priest, we called him Blackrobe because he wore a black robe. The other frenchman was a young man who wanted to be a priest. He knew our language almost as good as we did. His name was Daniel. This letter is reflective of all that has happened to our people and all people like us. My name is Annuka. My father is the Chief of our tribe. We are one tribe of many in the Algonquin peoples. I hope this letter will help people to understand the need for our differences and the acceptance of all

those differences in each and every one of us. It is my hope and desire that we should all find peace within ourselves and understand our dreams as gifts from our Gods so that we may be openly guided down life’s pathways and obstacles. I will begin my story as our journey began to help the Blackrobe and his friend reach the Huron Indians and the other Blackrobes. We got up early this morning to begin our long journey to the Hurons. The trip was very peaceful and long this day. Blackrobe surprised and impressed our people as they worked as hard as we did. Blackrobe and Daniel paddled strongly along side our men. But Blackrobe has a lot to learn about the forest. He does not understand that it is our home and we have but to listen and it will speak to us and guide us. It is where

we find our food and worship our Gods. It is where we play and eat. The forest protects us from danger, letting us know when it is near. He has much to learn. The men in our tribe do not trust Blackrobe. They feel he is a demon who does not know women. He is only half a person because of that. And why does he pray out loud and beat himself? During our trip my father keeps having this dream. He talks to the men and then seeks the interpretation of Mestigoit, the Shaman from the Montagnais Tribe who then travels with us. In his dream a raven comes and eats out his eyes. He sees the Blackrobe but he is cold and alone. My father sees this beautiful place where he feels as though he will die. Mestigoit does not like the Blackrobe. He thinks he is the reason my father will die. The

Blackrobe is lost and helpless without us. He is vulnerable, yet he is demanding. Daniel and I fall in love but we can not tell anyone. We hide our time together because we don’t want to dishonor our fathers. But one night Blackrobe does see us. Then he prays and beats himself. Daniel and he talk. Blackrobe, “Come pray forgiveness to God for our sins!” Daniel, “I have no sin to confess.” Blackrobe, “I thought you wanted to become a priest?” Daniel, “I did once, but not anymore. These people are the true Christians. They live for each other, they forgive each other for things that the French cannot.” Blackrobe, “I am afraid of this country.” Daniel, ” They believe that the souls of men hunt the souls of animals. Is it harder to believe that we sit on clouds

and look at God?” My people believe that Balckrobe is of the devil. He is evil according to Mestigoit. He wants to kill him before he kills or causes the death of my father. Mestigoit tries to show my father and the others by watching Blackrobe in the forest. Blackrobe took our dead baby and chanted and performed some type of ritual on his forehead. The Shaman believes that Blackrobe stole the baby’s soul. My father knew that he was caring for the baby, but it was hard to know for sure. We decided to leave them behind, even though my father was not happy about it. My father honors his word and he told Champlain that he would deliver them to the Hurons. He took axes and food and pots in trade to do that. Daniel would not stay behind. He loved me and wanted to be with me. He