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The Black Death Essay, Research Paper The Black Death had a huge effect on Europe in the Middle Ages. Another name for the Black Death is the plague. This paper is meant to familiarize with the plague and also provide a general idea of what it was like. It will also show some changes that were made because of the plague. It will show how people had to adapt and some measures that were taken against it. Also theories will be shown of how the plague came about. The Black Death was a very deadly disease. All in all the plague lasted from about 1347-1352. There are three different types of the plague that were thought to all work together in causing the Black Death. These three types are called: Bubonic plague, Septicemic plague, and pneumonic plague. Although they were all

thought to work together, the Bubonic and Pneumonic were the worst of the three. (Smith 507) The plague was contracted in a few ways. One way was from a host carrier. This is where a flea from an infected rat or other rodent would move to a human host, bite the human, and then regurgitate the infected liquid into the humans bloodstream. This was a very potent way of transportation. This way of transportation is most often associated with the Bubonic plague. Another way of contracting the disease was through airborne particles. The Pneumonic plague worked on the lungs, and was projected airborne by coughing or sneezing. An innocent bystander could then contract the disease by simply breathing. This was the most dangerous way of contraction because there is no way to stop the

movement of airborne particle. (Nardo 10) The Plague had many symptoms, which were severe and noticeable. Some of the symptoms are: high fever, rapid pulse, body aches, aching limbs, vomiting of blood, and swelling of lymph nodes in neck, armpits, and groin, which would cause blackish coloring on the skin. This is how the plague got its name the Black Death. The swellings would often burst and death would soon follow. Usually in about 3-4 days after the symptoms show is when death would occur. The symptoms would start to occur usually 1-6 days after infection. So anywhere from about 4-10 days after infection is when death would hit. This is why the plague was so horrible. (Smith 508) The exact origin of the plague is unknown. It is theorized that it came from somewhere in the

Gobi dessert in the late 1320’s. From there it moved along caravan routes and by ship. The earliest accounts of the plague were in Lake Balkhash, a Christian community in central Asia. (Knox 1) The plague had profound effects on a lot of different things. The population was probably the one that was most affected. It killed about 1/3 of the entire population of Europe. Scholars theorize this to be a minimum of 25 million people. It also killed about 1/4 of the English population. This loss of people had an immediate affect on a lot of other things as well. Economic and Social institutions underwent many alterations. The Manorial system, which was used for years, was taken down. The landowners had too few workers and held little power because of that. The workers saw this and

demanded changes. They eventually won the right to rent or lease the land they worked on. The government tried to institute laws that would keep peasants in their place. This just led to uprisings. By 1400 the entire system was gone. Financial business was disrupted. The debtors, creditors, and their families died. There was no one to collect from. Much construction that was going on had to be put on halt, or altogether stopped. This was mostly because of the lack of numbers of people to do the job. Farms and entire villages died. Universities and schools had to close. 16 out of the 40 professors at Cambridge died. (Knox 1) The culture of Europe was changed. This was obvious because of the change in politics. The 100-year war had to be put on sabbatical. This was because there