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The Black Cloud Essay, Research Paper ?Oh my God, anything but rain?, I whispered into the night air that suddenly turned cold. Although I knew that my prayers wouldn`t be heard I had to try, but the sound of thunder, that somehow resembled a laugh, turned my dim hope into pieces. I carefully looked around, looking for anything that could be used as a cover from rain but found nothing but a few old garbage bags right behind me ? still they were better than nothing. I decided not to leave my place, so I wound my leg around them and then slowly pulled them towards me. Then I had to place them around my head so the aim would be left dry. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck the roof nearby. The power of impact was so great that I found the roof under my body trembling. Then

another lightning followed and then another, blinding me and leaving almost unconscious by the realization that my life could be ended by any of them for the roof I was lying on was one of the highest ones. When I could finally open my eyes, the door I was aiming at was still closed. After few minutes, I guess, I lost the scence of time. The monotonous trembling of the roof with bolts of lightning flying above my head and illuminating the black clouds that filled the sky, threw me completely off the balance. Any other time in situation like his I would flee but not tonight. Tonight I was someone else ? with heart made of stone and blood running so cold that it could turn to ice. Tonight the term of time lost its meaning for me and long hours were passing without any notice from

my side. I was aiming the door? I wasn`t sure why the spell was broken but something had returned my mind back to myself. Only now I realized that I stopped shivering long ago because the body was too cold to shiver. Hunger began corroding me from inside overwhelming and consuming my courage. I released the trigger and after few minutes when my hand could work again I took out the bread, which somehow had managed to escape the water that seemed to get everywhere, and a bottle of brandy from my backpack. Then I hungrily applied both to my mouth and returned back to the aim just in time to see the door getting opened. The man closed the door behind him and a smile appeared on his face. He looked happy now, away from rain. His clothes were wet and he looked weary but he was

definitely happy. At first I hesitated, but the memories about all those whom he killed the same way I was going to kill him returned my control. My aim got right in the middle of his face ? the 100% deadly shot. I pressed the trigger at the very same moment he gazed in the window probably feeling my presence. Then I packed up. I got into my car downstairs and went home. When I got there, I hid my rifle in the garage and entered my home. A smile appeared on my face ? it felt so good to be out of the rain. Then I looked in the window. The sound of broken glass filled the room a second before I saw my death lying on the opposite roof aiming in the middle of my face ? the 100% deadly shot?