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The Black Cat Essay, Research Paper Chris Kitchens English 195 3:15pm The Black Cat Edgar Allan Poe wrote a short story called ?The Black Cat? which first appeared in the United States Saturday Post on August 19, 1843. I chose to write about this story because it is a well-written story by one of my favorite authors. However, the critics at the time gave the story mixed reviews. Poe?s works have been getting mixed reviews from the time he started writing to the present. This may be because many people did not like to read stories about murder and horror. Also, some critics criticized Poe?s work because of his lifestyle. Poe led a very troubled life riddled with Drug and Alcohol abuse and bouts of depression. Poe was also in poor health and seemed to concentrate on writing

about death or the dying. However, while these things repelled many people, many people found Poe?s works and personal life fascinating and interesting. ?The Black Cat? is short story about a man and his cat. At he beginning of the story the Narrator is in a jail cell waiting to face his execution for the death of his wife. Before his scheduled execution the next day the narrator finds it necessary to explain the circumstances which will lead to his execution. He uses flashbacks to convey his story to the reader. From the narrator?s time of infancy he had been noted for his humanity towards others. He was also made fun of from his friends for being so nice. ?Docility and humanity of?disposition?the jest of his companions? (Poe Decoder-?the black cat?) The narrator also loved

animals. His parents (narrator?s) loved animals and was indulged with different varieties of animals because of it. The narrator?s wife also loved pets. They had a very nice black cat, which was called ?Pluto?. Out of all the pets Pluto was the narrator?s favorite. ?He alone fed him, and he attended him wherever he went about the house. It was even with great difficulty that he could prevent the cat from following him through the streets?(McGraw literature p.103) their friendship lasted several years until the man?s personality began to change. He grew ?day by day, more moody, more irritable, more regardless of the feelings of others?. (McGraw) The narrator started drinking and one night while walking home intoxicated the cat avoided his presence. He grabbed Pluto and because out

of fear bit the hand of his owner. Enraged at this action the narrator took one of Pluto?s eyes. ?In the meantime, the cat slowly recovered. He went about the house as usual, but as somewhat grieved by the cat?s actions; however, this feeling turned into irritation?. (McGraw-?the black cat) Then one morning in cold blood the narrator put a noose around the cat and hung him from a tree. That same night a fire ravaged the narrator?s home. He and his family were not harmed. The only thing that remained from the house was a wall. On this wall was what looked like a figure of a cat with a noose around his neck. For months, the narrator could not forget what had happen. He then started to look for a new cat to take the place of Pluto. While drinking at a tavern one night he noticed a

black cat in the corner. The cat looked just like Pluto, the cat even was missing one of his eyes except for a white patch on his chest. When the narrator left for the night the cat followed him home. The cat became a great favorite with his wife so they decided to keep him. During the time the cat was with them, his wife kept pointing out the white patch on the cat?s chest. The white patch grew into the shape of the gallows. But as with Pluto the narrator started to have a hatred for the cat. The cat would not ever leave him. He could feel the cat?s breath upon his face while he slept. Over time the narrator?s temper turned into hatred of all things and of all mankind. One day while going to the cellar the cat followed the narrator down the stairs causing him to trip. The man