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narrator in this story to reveal and flounder into torment, but sees beyond the torment it causes. The Black Cat , must certainly exonerate Poe of the charge of merely sensational writing (Gargano 170). If we did not look at this story and see the four main literary devices used we would have not got the full effect that Poe was trying to convey, which is that just about anyone can be driven into madness and that the narrator in this story is not very different from any other person. Works Cited Buranelli, Vincent. Edgar Allan Poe: Second Edition. Boston: Twanyne Publishers, 1977. 76-77. Davidson, Edward H. Poe: A Critical Study. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1957. 190. Gargano, James W. The Question of Poe s Narrators. POE: A Collection of Critical Essays. Ed. Robert

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