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has a strong love for animals. We learn that his favorite animal was his black cat, and we also learn how his attitude changes after he starts drinking. Throughout the story the narrator never reveals the name of his wife or why he has no remorse when he horribly kills her (Hoffman 235). This may suggest that the narrator wants us to know nothing about her and maybe he, himself, want us not to think much about her. The point of view of the story can best be described when Womack implies what we get out of it by writing, Once again, the reader is invited to delve into the inner workings of the dark side of the mind (5). This statement shows how from the first person point of view the reader is able to see deep inside the narrator s mind almost as if taking part in the action. The

story has a great deal of symbolism which plays an important role throughout the whole story. From the symbolism in the story we learn a lot about the hidden messages that are behind the narrators actions. First of all, the cat in the story is black which can be interpreted into having a great deal of different meanings. One meaning is that the black cat usually symbolizes something evil or bad. In this story there are two black cats which can symbolize twice as much evil. Hoffman thinks that the black cat may symbolize something else when he writes: It is she(wife) that suggests to the narrator who is so tender towards his pets, theold superstition that a black cat is a witch in disguise. What the wife suggests, but the husband may in truth believe, that the black cat = witch.

This, and other evidence soon to be introduced and offered in the present brief, lead me tosuggest that, in the synoptic and evasive glossary of this tale, witch = wife. Ergo, black cat = wife (235). Yet black cats can symbolize a lot more things such things as death, sorcery, witchcraft, spirits of the dead, and most common a symbol of bad luck (Womack 6). The cat s name itself can be interpreted as a symbol. Pluto, the name of the cat, can symbolize what we know from Greek and Roman mythology, which is that Pluto was the god of the dead and ruler of the underworld. The symbolism of the cats name can be used to show how the cat will somehow cause some type of death. The cat s eye in the story can also be a symbol in which it represents what some call the evil eye , that is

performed when someone looks at another in a disturbing manner. Maybe the cat s eye symbolizes something else as May mentioned, When we listen to the word eye , rather than look at it, we understand that when the narrator says he destroys the eye , he could mmean he destroyed the I , which would mean himself (78). Another part in the story which can symbolize a lot of things is the fact that the cat is half blinded, this could exemplify that the narrator too is somehow half blinded maybe by drinking, or by guilt, or the unwillingness to see disturbing things. The physical harm the narrator inflicts upon the cat can symbolize how he instead wants to harm his wife. A further symbol is The sinister figure of Pluto, seen by a crowd of neighbors, is symbolically both and accusation

and a portent, an enigma to the spectators but and infallible sign to the reader (Gargano 170). Poe also applies symbolism when he uses particular words, instead of others, to describe something. In the story the constant repetition regarding the use of words such as heart , bosom , and breast , I believe can symbolize the narrators trouble with love and compassiontowards others, mostly his wife. When the narrator kills his wife he says that he buried the axe in her brain the use of the word brain instead of head or skull can symbolize how he may have been thinking about doing this for some time (Poe 4). One of the most revealing symbols in the story is When the brick wall is broken down, the cat is found perched on the corpse s head, one more indication of the narrator s

guilt(recalling the site of wound) and its cause (Prinsky 234). Poe s use of foreshadowing also plays an important role in the story to foretell some of the major events that will take place. In the beginning of the story when the narrator writes, But to-morrow I die, and today I would unburthen my soul (Poe 1). This tells readers that they are about to find out what horrible crime the narrator has committed in order to be in such a situation. Womack writes: Poe s pronounced use of foreshadowing leads the reader from one event to the next ( one night, one morning, on the night of the day, etc.). Within the first few paragraphs of the story, the narrator foreshadows that he will violently harm his wife (At length, I even offered her personal violence) (6). Poe uses foreshadowing