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The Birthmark Essay, Research Paper The Birthmark Would you ever kill the man or woman that you loved? Just to satisfy your deep inner passion for science? One man did, he slowly made his wife?s life shorter by every passing day. It is your choice to feel that he loved his wife, or he loved her just to make a science project. You should never mix work with love as this man ?unfortunately? found out. Now you must learn a little bit about the characters to base your assumption. Aylmer is the husband that tried desperately to get a minor imperfection out of his lovers? face, the mark was so small that she could cover it with two fingers. Aylmer?s wife was Georginia, the mark was on her left cheek, it was described as a singular mark, deeply interwoven. I feel as though he did

love his wife, not for her companionship and love but for her birthmark so he could devote his life to trying to remove it than caring for his loved one. You now know about the man that was so devoted to his work he ignored his wife, and the wife that was slowly fading away at each passing day. Now? the mark was given at birth something you are blessed to have some have it on their ear, some have it on certain parts of the body, like their arms, legs, and so on. I feel that birthmarks are there to let you know you are different form everyone else, how many people can say they have a black dot on their right ear for a birthmark. I doubt many, but that is how I feel, its sort of like your own originality because you?re the only one doing it. To love someone is to feel something

inside you that makes you happy whenever you see the person. Your day brightens up just a little when you see this person, its something you both share and you know when you are accepted for who you are? your appearance, your personality, your life style, most importantly? you, blemishes and all. Aylmer was always trying to think up a concoction to destroy the birthmark on his wife?s face. He dreamed of it, he fantasized about removing it. Georginia was scared because what is it left cureless deformity, but Aylmer was not worried about the deformity because to him it didn?t matter. All that mattered is that the blemish would have to soon disappear, whether she was alive or not. He made mixtures, he tried just about everything, and in the end he figured out how to get rid of it,

but it would cost a life. Before he does it she says ?there is danger? and ?Heaven knows your words are too true, and now, dearest return to your boudoir, in a little while all will be tested.? She then drank the concoction, and the next day Aylmer was successful ?SUCCESS, SUCCESS? he shouted. He went to her bed and waited till she awoke and told her that he was happy and a master scientist. When she woke up he said ?AHHH, Georginia you are perfect,? As the birthmark faded so did her energy, her soul if you will, her life was through her birthmark. Now without it her life slowly faded away. She replied with ?You have done nobly, and you should not repent what you have rejected the best the earth could offer. Aylmer, dearest Aylmer, I am dying!? Then you hear Aylmer laugh. In the

end I feel that Aylmer loved his wife? He loved to work on her. To him she was his little science project, and nothing more. There was no love in that relationship coming from him, just a devotion to science at which in the end killed his one and only wife. Love shouldn?t just be for looks that?s not what its all about, its about how the person you are with makes you smile, makes you happy, makes you feel like you are the only two people in the world that matter.