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The Big Hit Review Essay, Research Paper The Big Hit Review One of my favorite movies is called The Big Hit. I rate this movie excellent because it meets the three criteria of an entertaining action/adventure show. The first criterion is that the show must have action scenes of gun shooting, car chasing, and full contact physical fighting. Second, the show has to be entertaining through the use of humor. Finally, there must be some light romance through the story line. This movie s action begins with a contract killer named Melvin, a compact package of muscle and agility. Melvin single-handedly takes out forty armed bodyguards with his combinational use of blazing guns, an assortment of ammunitions, and acrobatic stunts. Later, when Melvin escapes in his car a hot-pursuit

ensues by a mini-van of armed operatives. Resembling oversized apes, clinging to a single limb, the operatives hang out and on to the swerving van while they take aim and shoot at Melvin s car. After firing many rounds, the operatives are finally successful in riddling Melvin s car with bullet holes and taking out the back glass. At this point Melvin whips his car around, slams it in reverse gear, and starts to drive backwards. While driving backwards and facing the mini van he retrieves an uzi from his duffel bag, shoots out his windshield, and returns fire. Before emptying the uzi s magazine, Melvin is able to take out one of the operatives. The car chase ends when Melvin turns his car around in time to tail swipe another car, causing the road to be blocked, and forcing the

mini van off the road and into a ravine. Towards the end of the movie an unarmed Melvin and a double knife bearing Cisco, Melvin s back stabbing co-worker, are involved in a to the death fight with each other. Punches and kicks to the face and abdomen are exchanged, and Cisco is able to put a cut on Melvin. Cisco is then fatally stabbed, with his own knife, by Melvin. The movie The Big Hit, has plenty of entertaining humor. In the beginning it is established that Crunch, a thirty-year-old, brawny, macho kind of guy, has just discovered the joys of masturbation. Unabashedly and enthusiastic, Crunch shares his new learning with his co-workers and appears throughout the movie exercising his hands, with a variety of contraptions and calling his self gratification technique straight

jacket. Crunch is also filmed cheerfully prancing off with a porno video in one hand, while gleefully stating to the other hand you ready again? Comedy is also derived from the duping of Melvin during an action scene. While on a hit job Melvin is in a room gunning down bodyguards by himself, while his lax partners are outside enjoying a nice cup of coffee with non-dairy creamer. When Melvin calls his partners for backup they reply, while shooting their guns, that they are holding them back, and then resume their coffee break. Once Melvin has cleared the room, his coffee-breaking partners burst in and proceed to empty a few shells into the dead bodyguards. The two partners immediately hoopla around celebrating their job well done. Additional amusement is derived from Melvin, whose

stomach condition has him constantly drinking Malox and keeping his medicine cabinet and locker stocked full of it. Melvin s relationship with his girlfriend, fianc e, and the young Miss Nishi is how the light romance is woven in to The Big Hit. Melvin and his girlfriend Shantel, the money-grubbing manipulative type, start to get cozy with each other, and it appears that Melvin is going to score, until he backs her into a shower that he just filled with cut-up body parts. Later, his fianc e Pam, a stereotypical Jewish girl, requests Melvin to conduct a hands-on firmness test of her butt. Pam notices that Melvin is aroused and she changes the mood by telling Melvin that her parents are coming to visit for the holiday weekend. At the end of the movie Melvin and the girl he helped