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from anywhere, in India or abroad. Ray heterogeneity within local communities. This perception contrasts sharply with the tendency of many communitarians, religious and secular, who are willing to break up the nation into communities and then stop dead there: “Thus far and no further.” The great film maker?s eagerness to seek the larger unit – - to talk to the whole world – - went well with his enthusiasm for understanding the smallest of the small, i.e. the individuality, ultimately, of each person. (Mamartya, p, 27) _____________, “The Bicycle Thief; Ladri Di Bicilette,” McGill?s Survey of Cinema, 15 June 1995 Mamartya, Sen, “Our Culture, Their Culture, Satyagig Ray And The Art of Universalism,” Vol. 214, The New Republic, 1 April 1996