The Best Time Of Your Life Essay

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The Best Time Of Your Life Essay, Research Paper Jorge carrasco ENG 100 MWF October 25, 2000 College Students or High School Seniors Encourage them to stay in college The Best Time of Your Life The question of whether or not to go to college is a very big decision everyone must make. Whichever choice is made will change the course of that life. Without a college education a person?s life just stands still, because a college education is the door to the ?outside world?. There is no way around it in order to ?climb the ladder to success.? There are many colleges to choose from. One can choose a college close to home or far away. Dorms are available for the students who travel to go to college. The dorms are usually just for the students and provide a safe place to live and

study. Money can be a very hard thing to come by while attending college. A full time student has very little time for a job, especially one who has already started a family. If money is a problem, there are many distributions that help people in that situation, such as financial aid or grants. These contributions can help with tuition or even cover it and may even help with book expenses. At times the work may become overwhelming. At the beginning students may think they have plenty of time, their classes are only about an hour each. What they find out later is that for each hour of class that they take, they must study about two hours out of class. There is a lot to study in college. This might make it hard to have a life or a job outside of school. Attending college can be

especially hard for those have already started a family and/or have been out of school for some time. Technology is changing all the time. Everything is done by computers today, and someone with little knowledge of computers finds it very difficult to learn. They may even be scared of using computers. Full time students, with full time lives find it extremely difficult to keep up. Students who have families of their own have a full time responsibility to taking care and providing for them. Some need to have a full time job to financially support themselves, their family, and school. Having a full time job, being a full time parent, and being a full time student it makes very hard to prioritize. They all conflict with each other. They have their family, which they love, they have

they school, which they are doing for themselves and their family, and they have their job, which allows them to go to school, and provide for their families. No matter how overwhelming students might feel in college, it is a very important step in their life. Their, what seem to be impossible demands, will seem less when it is all over with and the new graduate is sitting at their new high paying job and they will look back and consider it the best time of their lives.