The Best Day Of My Life Essay

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The Best Day Of My Life Essay, Research Paper The best day of my life Three years ago had to be the best day of my life. It was the time when I saw my dad for the first time. I was really nervous but everything seemed to work out just fine, he was very different from what I expected; I was expecting someone strict and old fashion, but amazingly he wasn?t. He was really nice and outgoing, The thing that was kind of awkward was that we looked exactly the same. For the first five or ten minutes there wasn?t much talking but after that you could tell that we were related. When we arrived at his house I was immediately stupefied he said that he had a nice house I was thinking along the lines as an average two or three bedroom house but it wasn?t it was gigantic, along with his

gigantic house he had two very beautiful horses they had a very refulgent brown color in them that I still vividly remember. After along day I went to my bedroom where I fell asleep very quickly. When morning came I realized that I was famished and a split second later he entered my room and said breakfast is ready, I could not believe it, it was like he had read my mind. . After breakfast we went horse back riding we rode horses all day, it was about 5 o?clock when we returned. The next surprise was dinner, dinner was great my dad and I had a wonderful conversation I really didn?t know how lilting and effulgent he was until then. When I woke up he told me to get dressed, I didn?t know what was going on, he told me he had another surprise. When I got out of my bed I noticed that

I was very feeble from ridding horses the previous day. I felt like an old man with arthritic I still remember groaning when I was putting on my clothes. When I reached the front door I saw 2 four wheelers. I was excited but dreaded the bumpy ride. This was the day I procrastinated to think about it was the day I had to leave, I didn?t want to go but I had to. I was excited to tell my mother how my trip was in fact I was so excited I was vigil when it came to my bed time. I hope to go back soon.