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start in 2002 and fully placed by 2008. He also talked about expanding the health of children insurance program to cover children living at 2.5 times the poverty level, to cover seven million working parents CHIP helps kids whose families earn too much to qualify for medic-aid but can not afford private insurance. Then he talked about taxes and he said that if he is elected president he would spend about five hundred billion dollars over ten years on a tax-cut package, and this package would create federally matched, tax-free retirement accounts, it would cut the marriage penalty, create tax credit for children, college tuition, worker training and small businesses that provide health care for workers. His finally position was Social Security and Al Gore said that experts predict

a Social Security surplus of 2.39 trillion dollars over the next ten years, so he would use the ninety percent of it to cut the national debt, he also said he would use the money saved on interest payments to strengthen Social Security. One of his most important issues is Immigration. Once, AL Gore said that our country was built by immigrants, however America can not tolerate illegal immigration. That is why Gore is trying to support immigration. He as a member of the Congress and Vice-President, has fought to maintain forward-looking vision for an immigration, which maintain a strong, diverse immigrant population. He also said that the Latino Community is making its voice heard all across our country and it is making and important contribution not just o our politics, but to

our cultural life and our economic strength. That is why Al Gore and the Democratic Party proposed an amnesty for Latino people who came to America before 1986 and with this proposition Al Gore already won a lot of by the Latino people. Even though the Latino people knew that it was just a proposition, because it could be approve or deny by the Congress, they trusted him. Everybody knows that if he is elected as a President of the United States, he will keep his promises and do whatever he can to approve the amnesty. Al Gore should be the next President of the United States because of his experience, his very well position on the most important issues in U.S. and also because he is helping the Latino Community, therefore my opinion is that everybody should vote for Al Gore, The

Best Candidate for the Presidency.