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The Bermuda Triangle Essay, Research Paper The Bermuda Triangle On a bright, clear June day a plane, passing through what is called the Bermuda Triangle, sends a SOS signal to the tower. Suddenly, the radio contact suffers a break, the plane never makes contact again. One can only imagine what happened to those people aboard the aircraft, many may say that the disappearance concerned UFO?s, while others say that it had to be a mistake. Yet, there appears to be another explanation, they were victims of the ?Devil?s Triangle?. ?It was described as a place where ships sail off the end of the earth, where planes climb up into the sky never to come down again, and where sailors and airmen disappear forever.?(Winer xiii) Even though this area consumes ships and planes ?at a rate of

40 to 50 a year?(unknown 9), Ralph Stephen, a scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution insist that ?There?s absolutely nothing scientific supporting the phenomenon[Bermuda Triangle]. There?s nothing mysterious there? (unknown 9). If nothing were there, the unexplainable could be explain and century old mysteries solve, yet no reasonable explanation has come forth, therefore the Devil?s Triangle lies waiting for its next victim. The Bermuda Triangle/Devil?s Triangle covers about 1,140,000 sq. km (about 440,000 sq. mi.) between the island of Bermuda, the coast of southern Florida, and Puerto Rico. Actually, ?The Devil?s Triangle? is not a triangle at all. It is a trapezium, a four-sided area in which no two sides or angles are the same. And the first four letters of

the word trapezium more than adequately describe it?(Winer 9). This stretch of sea usually generates fair weather and good seafaring water conditions, these conditions make it hard for some to understand why so many ships and planes seem to disappear in this area. The Bermuda Triangle has been around for many centuries. Actually, it began way before America was named America, it began with Christopher Columbus. ?It is mentioned in the great explorer?s chronicle that the night before the history-changing discovery, he and his crew saw what appeared to be a greenish glowing light that at times would move about. Anthropologists theorize that what he saw were cooking fires in fishing canoes of Carib Indians moving up and down in the waves…But no matter what it was, Indians,

illusions, or UFO?s, that the mariners saw on that night in 1492 along the eastern fringe of the Bahama Islands, strange and unusual things have been happening in that area ever since? (Winer xiv). Two years after his first trip to the new land Columbus set foot on America soil again. He having sailed the ocean blue once before, noted the wind blowing from the west. This happened to alert his inter-intelligence, for he warned Bobadilla against setting sail for Spain. Needless to say Bobadilla refused to take heed of the warning. From the crews of the five surviving vessels out of twenty-seven ships that began their joinery from Hispaniols to Spain, we learn what happened as they passed through the ?Triangle?. ?Rain moved perpendicular to its proper direction. Sails disintegrated.

Masts snapped. Men screamed. Others knelt down to pray…Then without warning the wind and rain were gone. All was still but the sea. The sun burst through wind-driven clouds. And half the fleet was gone? (Winer 26-7). The men thought that they were in for safe sailing from there on out, they had no way of knowing what was going to pounce on them like a mad, starving tiger. ?Again lightning flashed, but there was no sound of thunder. The shrieking winds drowned it out. Paint was blasted from hulls…by the driving rain? (Winer 27). Had their captain only listened to Columbus? warning, he may have saved his men and himself the pain and suffering that came next. ?Caravels smashed together and sank as one. Those who open their eyes into the wind-driven rain had their eyeball