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was sent by the East German government to the Soviets daily. This caused the poverty level in East Berlin to increase, and limited its technological advances. The weakening of the communist ideals in the Eat throughout the 1980?s gave rise to hope for freedom for East Germany. The Berlin Wall?s effect on the growth of a whole Berlin was drastic, separating one people in two entirely different governments. However, these days of separation grew less & less towards the late 80?s. THE FALL It was a massive emigration of East Germans to the west that caused the Wall?s construction, and its was the immanent exodus of the next generation that forced the border open again, with the announcement that the Germans were free to travel abroad. Europe?s political map was redrawn and an

unpredictable new era for both East and West was begun. For weeks thousands of Berliners, East and West hacked away at the wall. They used whatever they could: hammers, axes, even pocketknives. Every hardware store quickly ran out of proper tools. The group of people dismantling the wall was comprised by people of all ages, sexes, races, and backgrounds brought together by a common purpose: break down the Wall and reunify their country forever. The philosophy behind the wall was best expressed in the words of Dwight D. Eisenhower, who dealt with the crisis in its earliest stage. ?In Berlin, on the two sides of masonry and barbed wire, raised by the Communists, two powerful philosophies which hold precise but opposite conceptions of man stand. In the East stands a complete

philosophy that man is merely a machine, soulless and therefore fit only to be a slave used for the glorification of the state, While in the West stands the belief that man is a creature of the spirit, possessing an individual soul, born free and in the image of his creator.? This exemplified American beliefs. Berlin had become a symbol of freedom and the West was determined to keep it that way. Even as Khruschev brandished missiles and ultimatums savagely, Berlin continued to be the focal point of a worldwide struggle. Berlin embodied a moral issue, and this is what America concentrated on. The tragic completion of the wall was morally wrong, and did nothing but widen the impasse between two ways of life and harshen the lives of Germans in the process. However, the fall of the

wall and reopening of the boundary symbolized an end to the physiological obstacle between two different philosophies. By reunifying East and West, communism was dealt a triumphant blow and the lives of Germans were changed for the better.