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The Beowulf Assessment Essay, Research Paper This is a study guide. This study guide is used for explaining Beowulf and all of it s quirks. We know the scop that composed the poem was in the 8th century, but we also know that they didn t worship Christianity in the time the guy had thought about it. So how did it get there? This paper will help explain that. The genre of this story is an epic poem. Although its is written in blank verse. Composed in the anglo-saxon period (8th cent.) it was not written down until a much later date. It was first written down by a Christian monk and given Christian influnces. There are still Paganistic ideas in the story although written by a Christian scribe. One of these ideas is this, Hammered by giants, strong and blessed with magic . (line

531-532) From most peoples understanding there is no such thing as giants in the Christian beliefs (or magic for that matter). Yet, Christian influence was imposed by this, God, who sent him victory, gave judgment (525). Paganistic religion is a polytheistic one, and a single god just doesn t exist. These pairs of line are very unique. It seems that after every paragraph religious belief switch back and forth between the two at hand. Although, religious beliefs fail to remain a constant, without both the story would have lacked a lot of detail. Both religions were needed to create a good story out of this epic. Also if you think about the Christian influence on this epic the battles with grendel and the dragon also become some what of a crusade to help to good people of the lord.

The references put out by Beowulf in the story about his faith in god and love of his country are key. With them it shows that he really isn t just on a journey for fame but yet a good reason, to bring god to the people and show that he really cares. Also, showing that god s divine power can give anyone an aura of confidence and power when used in a way to help benefit the people. Heroism is also and equally important part of the themes in Beowulf. When Beowulf gives his life to help this kingdom in trouble it shows his heroism. Also, after he slays Grendel and rules the kingdom the dragon shows up and terrorizes his kingdom. Showing the differences between the two religions. It really shows that without both the story lacked something that the mystical beliefs of the religions

brought to the table. Yet Charles Kennedy is right in the sense that it did convert to Christian but there is a definite presence of the Pagan life style. The setting of this Epic is in Denmark, this helps for the mystical tales of Beowulf. This land was new, and very unknown, giving the writer a sort-of mystic and magical twist to it. The setting is overall perfect for this story. Denmark and the anglo-saxon culture loved tales of magic and heroes. The setting, a medieval Kingdom in which; is being terrorized by many a monster. Mostly the Dragon, and Grendel. The biggest threats to him and his Geats.