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their own goals. Back in the 1960s Israeli politicians wished that Germany?s aid would continue ?as a mark of the German?s moral debt for the crimes committed against the Jewish people during the Second World War ? (Lavy, 137). As a matter of fact this wish came true and Germans are till this very day paying for the Jews and for what has happened more than 50 years ago. At the beginning of the 21st century a meeting was held between the Prime Minister and Defense Minister Ehud Barak and the German Defense Minister Rudolf Scharping in Tel Aviv. At this meeting Barak noted the close ties between Israel and Germany and expressed the gratitude of the Israeli government for Germany?s contribution toward the construction of the navy?s new submarines. ?The three submarines were built in

shipyards in northern Germany, and two of them were funded by Germany? (Barzilai, 1). Germany is now seen as the second largest supplier of weapons systems, after the United States. Although Germany tries to be as neutral as it could be concerning the weapons sales to the region, it has sold Patriot missile batteries to Israel. Also during the 1998 Gulf war ?Germany provided Israel with thousands of gas masks? (Barzilai, 2). There are still many people in Germany today who want to remember the past and are sympathetic towards Israel, and the government even if it does not admit it, is still aware of the moral debt. But with the changes in Europe and the ultimate passing of the Holocaust generation in both countries the relationship is likely one day to become normal in every

sense. As seen above, the Holocaust could be seen not only as a painful memory for the Jews, but as very beneficial to the Jews, especially for their newly established state. This state could not have been established so ?easily? if it was not for the Holocaust. The Holocaust was one of the main reasons for the worlds? acceptance of the idea that the Jews needed a homeland for themselves. The Holocaust also resulted in the constant German and United States constant aids and economic supplies during the past 50 years. Not only this, but the Holocaust was used as an excuse for what the Jews did to the Palestinians since they came to their land. One Egyptian political scientist said that during his stay in the United States for 10 years he learned that propaganda was very important

for the Jews. This is a tool they learned from Hitler, who used the same method to have the acceptance and encouragement of the public. The political scientist told me that whenever he heard that the Israelis killed or injured Palestinians, he knew that as soon as he would open the TV he would find three or four documentary films picturing the Holocaust. These films were played to revive the guilt and sympathy within the people and make them see this as an excuse for what the Israelis are doing nowadays to the Palestinians. No denying that the media and the propaganda that comes with it are very important tools nowadays in political life, in justifying certain acts and winning the public opinion. The Jews learned the lesson from Hitler and knew how to use the painful Holocaust

for their own benefit. If the Holocaust killed 5,860,000 Jews and wounded several other millions, Jews should not forget that the Holocaust miraculously revived current generations and gave them a homeland of their own and a life better than the one they ever dreamed of. Citation List Barzilai, Ammon. ?Ties with Germany will Broaden.? Ha?aretz 11 Jan 2000. Cargas, Harry J. ed. ?When God and Man Failed.? Non-Jewish Views of the Holocaust. New York: Macmillan, 1981. Chalfen, Daniel J. ?Was the State of Israel created because of the Holocaust?? (Internet). Lavy, George. ?Germany and Israel.? Moral Debt and National Interest. London: Frank Cass, 1996.