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overcome completely. Shortly after the division of Germany the Israeli government started mentioning the fact that the Germans have to pay for what they did to the Jews during the Holocaust and for the horrors committed by Hitler and his followers. It was through ?compensation? that the relationship between Israel and West Germany began. ?The requirement that the Germans must pay compensation to the victims of Nazi oppression, to those, that is, who were physically or economically harmed for reasons of race, creed or nationality? (Lavy, 1). While the German government was more than willing to pay this compensation, German public, emerging from years of starvation and economic ruin, was not eager to take this step since there were other priorities that should come first. Many

Germans ?felt they had had no part in the destruction of European Jewry and that no blame therefore attached to them? (Lavy, 2). The Israeli public on the other side was not ready for such a relation with the Germans, but the Israeli government saw the compensation offered by West Germany too tempting to be rejected. Israel was not wealthy at that time; it had few natural resources, its land was largely desert, and it was surrounded by neighbors willing to engage in war at any time. Adding to all this the problem of settling thousands of immigrants, who were arriving to Israel every year. So, Israel was not able to reject the compensation, but at the same time secrecy was preserved by the two sides to prevent any discontent by the public. Germans also knew that the Jewish people

are not ready for good relations with them. ?Official Germany was prepared to exercise patience: the healing process would need time and the Federal Government would not press the issue, but would wait until Israel is ready? (Lavy, 32). Later on, due to political changes and pressures in Israel, politicians there recognized the importance of the West German State and the urgent need to come to terms with it. Step by step the Jews were showing signs of readiness to strengthen the relations with the Germans. The Prime Minister, Moshe Sharett, mentioned in an informal interview ?the possibility o a West German consulate in Tel Aviv? (Lavy, 33). In fear of public disagreement he excluded full diplomatic relations for the time being. Later on in early 1956 the Israeli government

stated that it no longer objects to the establishment of full diplomatic relations. In the same year West Germany started helping Israel economically, which in one way or another helped increasing Israel?s war potential. So, for some time the German-Israeli relations began to develop all behind the scenes, in a way that was of great importance to the security if not the existence of the Jewish State. The attack on the Suez Canal by Britain, France and Israel all at the same time was met with displeasure by the United States, who cut off arms supplies to the Jewish State. ?For Ben-Gurion to exploit the only remaining source, the Federal Republic, was a bold step, fraught with great political danger to his [ ] government? (Lavy, 48). Secret agreements were successfully developing

the military relationship between the two countries. When the secret was finally revealed to the public, it paradoxically led to the normalization of official relations between the two states. West Germany?s effort to establish close relations with Israel was regarded as a symbol for the Germans? intention to overcome what they did in the past. ?By the end of 1961 the value of West German military equipment sent to Israel had reached DM 20 million, a small amount considering what followed later? (Lavy, 53). These payments of large sums of money and the military aid given to the Jewish State are ways by the Germans to win the forgiveness of the Jews for the Holocaust. Yet the Jews always made it clear that ?material restitution could never completely repay such a debt? (Lavy, 72).

Recalling an article I read 4 or 5 weeks ago in Al-Ahram about a conversation that went on between an Egyptian and an Israeli, who got to talk together in Sharm El-Shaykh. The conversation was about the bombs still present in the ground of Sinai, which lead to several deaths every year. The Israeli told the Egyptian, that if this was to happen in Israel then the Israelis would have been paid for every single leg, arm and even finger that gets hurt because of these bombs. It is very obvious from this kind of conversation that the Israelis know how to get money. Even if this money will ?regretfully? not bring the dead people back, it will help the now living people have a better chance than their predecessors. It seems that the Jews were able to use the Holocaust for realizing