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in the body of the Lord in the breaking of the Eucharistic bread, we are taken up into communion with him and with one another? (Chap.1,VaticanII) The Belief in the Eucharist as the Real Presence of Christ is notably a religiously, historically and socially prevalent teaching of the Catholic Church, instituted by Christ himself. Early Christian theologians fully comprehended the notion of transubstantiation and consecration, interpreting Christ?s words surrounding the Eucharistic sacrament in there intended literal sense. It is to be noted that twelve times throughout scripture, Christ said that he was the bread that came down from heaven, and an additional four times claimed that they would have ?to eat my flesh and drink my blood?. It is through his perfectly displayed

intention to be perceived literally that no evident Catholic document exists where the literal interpretation is opposed and only the metaphorical accepted. The first millennium failed to witness any element of doubt in relation to the concept of Real Presence in the Eucharist. Only throughout the period surrounding the Protestant reformation did anyone profess an doubting element of faith. The Church, however, responded through reaffirming a perpetual belief in the true essence and entirety of Christ present in the Eucharist at the moment of consecration. From the foregoing evidence presented, proving a continuous belief in Real Presence from the institution of the Eucharistic sacrament at the Last Supper, it would be incredibly difficult to deny the intended literal

interpretation of Real Presence in the Eucharist. There is proof from Early Church Fathers, Episcopal powers from the Council of Trent, the professions of Vatican II and primarily from Christ himself, the high priest who offered his sacrifice - his body, his blood. He is now relived, received and remembered – his presence continues and is celebrated universally in globally vast Catholic tabernacles. ?As the living father sent me, and I live because of the father, so he who eats me will live because of me? (John 6:37)