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The Bean Tree Essay, Research Paper There are many themes add up to a well-made story. ‘The Bean Trees’ by Barbara Kingsolver, she introduces a lot of themes that develop her well written novel. One of the more obvious themes in the book is that of immigration. There are also several references to child abuse. Another is that of Teen pregnancy that is introduced early on. These ones are not all of the themes that are used, but are some the more important and reoccurring ones in the novel. These themes are seen as threatening forces in by the main character in the book whom is named Taylor. These themes lead to what ideas the author develops regarding an individual in the face of threatening forces. One of the forces is teen pregnancy, which is primarily talked about it

the first chapter. This is one of the greatest driving forces for getting Taylor out of Kentucky. Taylor grew up in a society where many of the girls in her school and town became pregnant at a young age. This all but impresses Taylor and motivates her to become someone better than all the pregnant girls of her town. It motivates her even more when Newt Hardbine and Jolene Shanks arrive at the hospital. Newt had been shot by his father and furthermore Jolene had been shot at while she was carrying a baby. As this reality dawns on her it takes hold of her soul and immediately changes the way she views the world. This turn of events has a great impact on Taylor’s future. Most likely that her decision to leave town was final on that day. Shortly after Taylor bestows the name of

Turtle on the baby girl, of what appears be two years old. When she was given to Taylor, she had several bruises on her body. Later because of these bruises, it is speculated that Turtle might have been abused physically and perhaps sexually as well. These things have most certainly affected the way Turtle reacts to different things. This sort of behavior is common among young victims of abuse. They do not however go into much detail in this matter, just that she has in fact been abused. Later in the story, Taylor gets Turtle to begin speaking. She however is attacked later by a man in the park late at night with Edna Poppy. Soon there after, Turtle starts to quiet down again. During this time Taylor has made other friends, one of witch is Mattie. Mattie is the owner of Jesus Is

Lord Used Tires . She also runs an Underground Railroad for refugees and in this case, from Guatemala. Taylor does not take a very active part in the Underground Railroad and does not have much knowledge of its workings. She finds out about the Underground Railroad of refugees when she is introduced to Estevan and Esperanza. They were political refugees from Guatemala. Taylor becomes good friends with Estevan and Esperanza. In addition, Esperanza begins bonding with Turtle. This appears to be helping the both of them through the tough times. After learning about Estevan and Esperanza, Taylor begins to dislike the US policies on refugees and immigration. Later this comes in handy to Estevan and Esperanza, in that Taylor takes up the fight to get them to a safer place. Later in

getting Estevan and Esperanza to safety she come up with a plan for an almost legally way of adopting Turtle. Her only other alternative would have been to turn her over to the state and hoping to be able to adopt her thereafter. Because they are in Oklahoma, the final destination for Estevan and Esperanza, they pass through the Cherokee Nation.” Because both of them look Indian to most anyone else and Turtle looking more like Estevan and Esperanza than her, she puts a plan in motion. In the Cherokee Nation there are no laws requiring birth certificates, that way there is no proof that Turtle is not the child of Estevan and Esperanza. Estevan and Esperanza sign a paper that leaves Turtle to Taylor as her legal guardian with legal papers to prove it. Had it not been for Taylor s