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teeth with a pliers and no anesthetic and they left a good friend in the woods to die because he couldn’t go to the mainland to get help. The most recognized person and considered the leader was a middle-aged woman. She was the second person who arrived on the island. (First being the insane guy in the beginning.) She influenced the behaviors, opinions, and attitudes of everyone. She was the one who communicated to the natives and went to the mainland once a month. She abused her authority by pressuring sex upon the young man and making people kill friends to keep their paradise. She was a very instrumental leader making sure everybody got tasks done. All in all, “The Beach” was an excellent example of society and conflict. It shows that even what is thought to be the

perfect society and environment has its downfalls. I also think this movie shows how dull and negative most of our societies are today. Overpopulation, pollution, and numerous other “potential” problems are dealt with everyday. People will do whatever it takes to live in a perfect society.