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Longstreet, led roughly 13,000 men across hundreds of yards of open field, across a road and a number of fences, and up the side of Cemetery Ridge, all the time while under fire from the Union cannons. This assault and its achievements in the face of all odds are a incredible tribute to the leadership of General Lee, Longstreet, and Picket. In mentioning the incredible leadership of the Confederacy one must also mention the heroic stand of the Union troops, from the first day and the dismounted calvary of John Buford to the third day and the combined effort of the entire Army of the Potomac. On the night of July 3rd, General Lee and the Confederate Army began there retreat back to Virginia. During the costly three days the Union casualties were: 3,070 soldiers killed, 14,497

wounded and 5,434 captured or missing. The Confederated suffered 2,592 deaths, 12,706 wounded and 5,150 captured or missing. Gettysburg had important psychological effects also, demoralizing the South and causing the North to celebrate a great victory with Abraham Lincoln?s Gettysburg Address. Although the casualties seem pretty equal, the Battle of Gettysburg second and last great invasion of the North, for the South had neither the arms or numbers to continue an assault, but the war dragged on for two more years.