The Battle Of Education Vs Destruction Of

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The Battle Of Education Vs Destruction Of Society Essay, Research Paper Wysocki 1 Since the beginning of time, man has been blessed with superiority over all other creatures on this Earth. Man has used this advantage in almost every imaginable way. From this dominance, comes the push to live in the best possible environment. For man requires constant growth of knowledge to advance his life. This requirement is evident in early philosophers who developed a sodality of education and wisdom called Philosophy, which means the “Love of Knowledge.” However, there is another force, an evil force well known and documented through out history. This evil force, lethargy, destroys the advancement of mans knowledge. For a society exhibiting torpor naturally hinders progress of

society in many ways, bringing catastrophe. An example of how lethargy had been detrimental to society is evident is South East Asia. The Malays, Burmese, Indonesians, and Thai’s are notorious for being laid back and inactive. Contrarily the Chinese people have attitudes geared for advancement and knowledge. As a result almost all Asian business are Chinese owned. The situation is so bad that laws were passed requiring high officials to have full native blood, so foreigners will not overrun the country.Historical examples have shown that there are conflicting beliefs between education and lethargy. Ironically education, which brings on advancements of modern technology, also produces convenience which can promote acceptance of a lethargic attitude. The quote “Human history

becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.” by H.G. Wells, reflects on the idea of lethargy producing catastrophe. Like a pyramid, education builds on itself one layer at a time, with each layer becoming more advanced and enhanced towards a specific goal. Education and the force Wysocki 2that opposes it have both advanced and complicated, along with society. Over time the great countries of today, such as America, have been built on education, for a world-renown super power, needs to posses world-renowned knowledge. Therefore Benjamin Disraeli’s famous quote, “Upon the education of the people of this country the fate of this country depends.” Is true in many ways. The need to advance life quality is equally as strong as the desire to choose the easy

route, lethargy. An example of how education, or the lack there of directly effects the fate of a country is during the early 1950’s when China was going through a Cultural Revolution. Anyone proclaiming an education, or who even possessed a book was immediately put to death. The evil factions knew the power of being well informed, and how being educated naturally comes with a push for better life. Chinese dictators employed only educated people who used their knowledge destructively, to control and lead the illiterate simple-minded citizens. The innocent peasants were blinded to the evil force, which encumbered them. The lack of education in China resulted in poor economical, social and political growth. A second example is the crisis happening in Africa. Countries such as

Rwanda and Nigeria are in a constant civil war cycle. Every time a war breaks out, the schools and educational facilities are interrupted and destroyed. This atrocity disables the next generation of children to perform simple tasks or read and writing. With no education it is very hard to uphold a country, leading to more civil war. The ill fate of African nations is very obvious. Wysocki 3The wisdom of people and the fate of countries are both intertwined. Effectively educating and promoting wisdom will result in cultural advancement. If lethargy and torpor prevail, catastrophe is inevitable.