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article how the bass came to prominence. Jaco is a phenomenon. He is able to make sounds on the bass that totals upraise to the sensibilities, Not only single notes, but chords, harmonics, and all sorts of nuances with the color of the instrument that combined and translated through. Jaco makes some of the best music that I have heard in a long time. (LeacH4) Although Jaco was known as one of the greatest musicians of all times he had problems. A manic-depressive alcoholic, he died at age thirty-five in a bar fight. One only could imagine what he could have done for the music world and the history of the bass if things could have been different in his life. Thanks to the extraordinary talent and individuality of these artists the bass is one of the most exciting and fun

instruments ever. These artists have brought the bass to the top and we thank them for their efforts.