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them nice warm sweet rolls.They all eat silently together. The baker grows more comfortable with them and begins to tell them of all the loneliness, doubt and childless years. Both parties feel a connection. Each has their own heartbreaking and crippling losses. A sense of communion is achieved as Ann and Howard forgive the baker s inhumanity. They recover trust in each other and talk on and on not wanting to leave. The baker s outlook on life has changed. He has reached a starting point with which to regain his humanity. The baker s life of indifference was destructive to himself. He could not see that through the cloud of loneliness that obscured his insight. His phone calls hurt Ann and Howard deeply. They confronted him stimulating his long forgotten interest in humanity. He

understood their pain intimately. His heartfelt sympathy was genuine. They forgave him for his indiscretions. He gave them a feeling that they were not alone in their pain. His connection with them was completed as they broke bread together forming a sense of communion. The baker had changed from a uncaring, indifferent man to a man with a deep sense of fellowship with Ann and Howard. His new outlook on life is one we could all learn from. One hopes one doesn t have to go batty to accomplish it!