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The Bad Flag Essay, Research Paper Some people think the confederate flag is a symbol of hatred and slavery. Others think it represents the history of America. It’s up to ever person to decide where they stand. The old saying is, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” Ever person has a duty to respect the other person’s opinion. We must look at every side of the issue. On one hand, there is a group of people that believe the flag stands for the prejudice and racism that was experienced in the times the flag was created. They feel that if you have a rebel flag, you are a hateful person in some way. They think without knowing the reason or the history behind the flag. If they are so quick to judge, aren’t they acting the same way they are

opposed to? Some of them follow what is popular to believe. Some feel very strongly about it and will fight it to the end. On the other hand, some people think the flag should stay. They feel it is apart of our American culture. That it is apart of where we, as southerners, come from. They feel that if you take it down, you will take away what represents our history. The people feel that if you take down the flag, you take down apart of their tradition. They believe it is apart of themselves. Most of the people who want it taken down decide before they actually know what’s going on. They just see the ugly exterior meaning, and don’t look at the beautiful and deeper meaning. The people who want to leave it up can’t see why they would want to take it down. There is a sense of

blindness in each opinion that needs to be looked at before a final decision can be made. People need to be informed on both sides of an issue before they make their choice. The people must put down their ignorant barriers and agree to a fair deal. In my opinion, the flag should stay up there. Not only as a sign to our history, but a reminder that people make mistakes, and that sometimes it takes wars to correct those mistakes, but that you should fix it and get on. Some people would agree, but it seems that more disagree. That is why the flag has been taken down and put in a museum. As much as they try, they can’t cover up the fact that there are bad people out there, but that the flag isn’t the thing that makes them bad. Bibliography my own thoughts