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The Awaking Essay, Research Paper The Awakening The Character List: Edna Pontellier- Edna is one of the main characters. She goes on a path of emotional, intellectual and sexual awakening after spending a very pleasant summer with Robert Lebrun Leonce Pontellier- Edna?s husband Leone spend most of the time away from home on business. He is obsessed with making money and gaing expensive possessions for his home. He is mild and gentle and tolerant of Edna. Raoul and Etienne Pontellier- Edna and Leonce?s children , they don?t hang on their mother nor their nurse. The are very self sufficient and when leonce goes to new York for a extended time they visit there grandmother The Colonel- Edna?s father , many years ago he gambled away the Family farm in Kentucky, now he is old and

drinks toddies during the day Madame Lebrun- Robert?s mother she owns the cottage in Grande Isle that the New Orleans city folk like to rent out for the summer Victor Lebrun- Robert?s younger brother , Madame?s Lebrun?s favorite son Victor is spoiled and obnoxious, but is good looking Alcee Arobin- Alcee Arobin is a fashionable young man He attaches himself to Edna and they have and affair Robert Lebrun- A young flirt , he attaches himself to Edna during the summer he tries to distance himself by going to Vera Cruz Madame Ratignolle- Madame Ratignolle has many children she is currently pregnant and makes Edna promise that she will be there when she goes into labor. Mademoiselle Reisz- Mademoiselle Reisz is a pianist and is very ugly and irritable she lives alone and Edna come to

vist her to listen to her play and read letter sent that Robert sends. Summary: The First half of the novel takes place in Grand Isle, It is an island off the coast of Louisiana. During the summer it is inhabited but the Creole Families from New Orleans who go there to escape from the heat and relax by the ocean. During the week women and children stay on the island while the men return to the city of work. During the summer Edna meets a young man named Robert Lebrun. His mother rents of the cottages on the island. The two spend almost their entire time together and Edna greatly enjoys his company. Especially since her husband generally spends all his time with work. Edna starts to experience a change in her self the more she is around Robert. She begins to develop a sense of

herself as a whole person. She realized her want and her desires. She is no longer content being a simple wife and mother. During her moments of self discovery Edna learns to swim in the ocean. She and Robert also spend allot of time in and near the ocean. One day they take a spontaneous trip in a boat to another island. There Edna has a metaphorical rebirth of her self when she falls asleep for a few hours. Robert Realizes the closeness between him and Edna and decides to go on a business trip to Vera Cruz with short notice. This causes Edna to become depressed after he leaves. She befriends Madame Ratigonolle a pregnant woman. Also Mademoisell Reisz is a unmarried old woman who can make Edna weep by playing the piano. When Edna and her family return to the city , her husband

bussniess himself in his work and making money. he likes to purchase extravagant possessions for his home. Edna upon return goes back to her usual life style. but soon becomes dissatisfied and takes up painting. She begins to act in a uncharacteristic manner according to her husband. Leonce confused goes to the family doctor and asks for advice. He is told to leave her alone .The Doctor suspects that she is in love with another man but doesn?t discuss that issue with him. Edna is decides to do what she wants. Even though he husband and society disapprove. Edna constantly thinks about Robert and this makes her happy on some days and sad on others. When she finds out that Robert is writing to Mademoiselle Reisz . She goes and vists her to her listen to her play and read the