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end, Edna Pontellier discovered a need for a world in between the two extremes of Adele and Mademoiselle Reitz existence. She could become the wife/mother, as Adele personified, or the lonely, bitter artist as Mademoiselle Reitz, but she saw nothing in between. Edna’s suicide is a result of her desire not to think of the consequences because those consequences are so unattractive. She does not want to be like Adele or Mademoiselle Reitz. She wants an undefined, unexpressed, ineffable life that she cannot articulate or shape. Rather than live one of these options, or live a life that society dictates, Edna chooses to live self-forgetfully in the moment. In following this unexpressed creed, Edna knowingly places herself in a position where the consequences of her swimming out are

inescapable. 320