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mentally wrong with her. However, for the first time, Edna?s mind is clear and she is content. Settled into her new home, Edna now seeks fulfillment through life?s little things. She is happy painting, listening to the music of Chopin, or sitting in a secluded garden of roses with a book as a companion. Having detached herself from society?s conventions and in turn gaining tranquility from her separation, Edna serves as a lasting icon for women?s independence, though it would take years for society to look at a woman like Edna with anything but scorn. A spirit form a different realm, the awakened Edna Pontelllier takes advantage of her vitality with a freedom of thought uncommon in women of her time, and then mystically she vanishes from existence. In today?s society Edna?s story

is not so far fetched. It was hard as a reader to not side with her. I had a few things that I did not agree with, like her lack of attention paid to her children. But her fight for independence made her a woman that could have fit easily in today?s independent world. Kate Chopin?s Edna persuades the reader to reexamine his/her life, to look at it from the perspective of someone who has just opened his eyes to a world of existence that has always been in reach but has never appeared obtainable. She goes for what she wants and realizes that it is obtainable. Another reflection of the society that Edna is living in is that she commits suicide in the end. She had no where else to turn. At this time in history it was not acceptable for a woman to do what she was doing. She was out of

line. A woman did not decide to leave her family and her money just so she could be independent. This sort of thing was unheard of. She had no other choice but to commit suicide. Well, she did have the choice to continue living, but was it a life that she wanted? Kate Chopin was way ahead of her time with this story. If she could predict the future I think you could say that she did it with this book. This is a book for all of those liberal woman out there. She explored so many different genres that it was hard to just choose one. Her quest for independence seemed to stand out most to me. It stood out because it was so out of place. The whole time that I was reading I kept thinking that she was a woman of today. I would get pulled back to her time period when a reference was made

to how wrong what she was doing was. I would think ?What was wrong with what she just did??. Then I would remember where she was. This shows the reader what Edna went through and how she didn?t make it. Her story also shows how important something can be to a person. Edna knew that he independence was important and obtained it no matter what it took.