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Even though he has gone on vacation it does not mean that she can just go on and live a single life. During Edna s Awakening, socially her approach changed towards her society. She did not feel as if she belonged to the Creole society. Though Edna had married a Creole, she was not thoroughly at home in the society of Creoles. (18). She would feel left out and not understood. She could not fit in to the Creole society since she was not brought up in one. She bought a new house for herself and Robert. Without even waiting for an answer from her husband regarding his opinion or wish, Edna hastened her preparations for quitting her home on Esplanade Street and moving into a little house around the block. (141) Edna did not feel comfortable in her home and she wanted to get out. She

wanted to start a new. Get out and show everyone that she can do it by herself. Her new home was a new beginning for her where she could be with Robert. She did not want to get involved with others, she just wanted to be herself and have things her way. I don t want anything but my own way. (184). She was tired of her life being controlled by others and she wanted to start over again her way. She did not find anyone else worthy of telling her what to do beside herself. Edna s society and social life changed when she awakened. Edna lost her life because she was not able to fully take control of it. Although she got very far with her actions, she was overwhelmed by the results. Even though she accomplished more than any woman ever had before, her impulsive actions turned her down.

You should think before you act, but be careful when you act, and do not let anyone else reflect on your thoughts or actions. Edna s whole life was led by a rebellion. Like Marie Fletcher said in her The Southern Woman In Fiction , But as subsequent developments in the novel reveal, Edna s first Rebellion was only one of many. 322