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would make them go back and undo it. If they moved a beam ten feet the guards would make them move it back ten feet. They did all this just to be cruel, and to watch the prisoners suffer. When ever they returned to Auschwitz they were fed. When the prisoners were done eating what little they had they would be sent to bed. They would usually then read from a bible if they were lucky enough to have one. Then they would go to sleep for the remainder of the time they had until morning (Auschwitz 4). The main point is that the Holocaust and all the concentration camps never be forgotten. It is very important to remember all the pain and suffering ,so that history never repeats itself. The camp Auschwitz was one of the worst. The separation of the families, the torture acts, the

punishment, and the hard times were all part of Auschwitz. So to some it all up the Holocaust is one of the worst tragedies in the history of the world. Hitler was very wrong to mistreat and kill all the Jews in the Holocaust. If another tragedy like that ever occurs in my life time everybody would be lost. Nobody would know what to do.