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The Auschwitz Complex Essay, Research Paper Auschwitz was and still is one of the most highly known concentration camps of the holocaust. The Auschwitz complex was the site of scientifically and efficiently executed genocide during W.W.II. The camp is commonly applied to the complex of death and concentration near town. The prisoners went through a lot of hard times. They were separated from their families. Had very poor sleeping and living conditions. The nourishment wasn?t good enough. Everyday in the camp the prisoners feared for their lives. Every prisoner also had a daily routine they had to follow. The Auschwtiz complex was established in April 1940. It was established under the authority of Heinrich Himmler. The camp originally housed political prisoners from occupied

Poland and concentration camps within Germany. Large numbers of Poles, Soviet prisoners of war, gypsies, and homosexuals died at Auschwitz. Jews compromised the largest amount of prisoners. The estimated deaths of the camp range from 1.5 million to 4 million. At Auschwitz 405,000 prisoners were recorded as laborers (Introduction 1). The departure of the families was one of the hardest things for the families it deal with. The women and children usually went to the gas chambers and then to the crematories. The weak and old men went with the women ad children. The strong men and older boys were used as laborers. They were housed in bunk-like dormitories. The twins and dwarfs were used for medical experiments. The twins as dwarfs underwent medical experiments at the hands of the

doctors (Introduction 2). The dormitories that the men were put in were made of brick and looked like barns. The bunks were stacked three high and about three feet wide and three feet long. They laid on straw. The dormitories had no heat, no air conditioning, no baths, no sinks, and no restores. There were showers for bathing outside, sometimes they had to shower in the cold. There were also places to go to the bathroom outside. The nourishment that the prisoners received was very poor. They received very little food, not even enough for a little kid to survive off of. In the mornings the prisoners got a slice of bread about a quarter of an inch thick. Around12:00 or 1:00 they received lunch, a little soup. They were always fishing around in the soup for anything that was in it.

The soup was usually just cold water. Every Sunday they got something like a piece of margin or salami to go with their bread. The prisoners never got very good treatment. If they did something wrong or disobeyed an officer, they got beat or killed (Auschwitz 4). The chastisement for things they did were always very gruesome. The camps had crematories for burning people, gas chambers for gassing people, they also shot and hung people, and they beat people. The crematories were used when someone did something wrong and was killed, the bodies were put into the crematoria and burned. They used Zyklon-B to kill the people, it was put into the gas chambers through shower head like fixtures. After the people were gassed they were taken to the crematoria or one of the pits to burn the

bodies. A lot of the time if someone tried to escape they were hung and shot. Everyone was lined up outside of the barracks and watch the person they did wrong be hung and shot. More often the prisoners were beat. Any little thing they did wrong they were beat(Introduction 1). The prisoners daily routine was very strict. They were woken up at 5:00 in the morning. They were woken up every day by a German prisoner that served as the block or barrack captain. They had to get out as soon and as fast as they could, then they were lined up and counted. Sometimes the guards during the day would ride through the camp in trucks telling people to get on. Then they went to other camps to do work. Sometimes in the other camps they would have to do something. After they were done the guards