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The Attic Essay, Research Paper He knew that there would be a time when she would switch on the light too late but there was nothing he could do about that. So silently, watching, he crouched in the corner of the attic? ? Happily Veronica skipped up the stairs to the attic. Switching on the light she went in. How she loved this attic with its many rooms and the many corners, playing hide and seek was brilliant. That reminded her, she had to have another party soon so that all her friends could admire her lovely attic again. Suddenly she stumbled. ?Ouch!? she exclaimed. ?Why on earth did Daddy insist on re-roofing this place? There are things everywhere I can?t find anything. Mind you? all of these boxes? we could make play houses and hide and seek, how amazing it would be, no

one would ever be found!? ? Why wouldn?t she go? It was obvious that she had had an idea about something or other by the expression on her face. Intense, thoughtful, so flipping innocent. Why wouldn?t she just go? ? ??And then we could have a sleepover up here.? She sighed with content. With a jolt she came back to earth, now what was she looking for again? Oh yes, a screwdriver, one with a flat end. Dashing from room to room she searched. ?Why does Daddy have to hide everything? WHERE IS THAT SREWDRIVER???? Her cry echoed around the attic, through all the rooms, bouncing back to her. Frantically she started looking behind boxes scattering them everywhere flinging things over her head and into the neat empty spaces. ? What on earth was she doing now? There was no logical reason

why she should be throwing things around. He went further back into the shadows and glared, hating the determined little face. ? With a final stamp of her foot she gave up and stormed out of the attic, slamming the door behind her and switching the light off. Piles of clothes were left messily lying around each room. Had she looked back, she would have noticed the glow of his eyes in the corner staring at her, following her every movement. ? Peace at last from the little brat. Quickly he darted out of his hiding place behind the screen supporting the rafters and carefully placed the screwdriver on the nearest pile. It lay there shining as the moon caught the bright silver from through the window. Silently he dashed back, sitting there watching, waiting? ? ?Daddy!? But he was not

home yet. She jumped as the phone let out a shrill cry. ?He..hello?? ?Veronica, its daddy here. Are you ok? You?re breathing rather heavily.? ?No, I?m fine Daddy, the phone just gave me a shock.? ?I?ll be home in about half an hour, is that ok?? ?Yes that?s fine. About that screwdriver?? ?You found it, oh thank you Ronny. You?ve no idea how helpful it?ll be. See you soon.? ?See you..? But he was gone. Taking the portable phone with her, she ventured back to the attic for the second time that night. ? The door opened again and that maddening face entered. He laughed menacingly as she picked up the screwdriver with an astonished look on her face. Putting it in her pocket she looked around. Looking straight at him but seeing nothing. She seemed to sense something for she suddenly

looked nervous. An evil smile crossed his face. She came closer, peering into the darkness under the rafters, so close that he could feel her breath. Suddenly she seemed to lose courage and she charged for the door. Abruptly she looked back as she switched the light off. With a piercing scream, she ran. ? Did she really see eyes, or was it just her imagination? Desperately she tried to recall moments to prove the latter explanation. She had always had an active imagination, all of her teachers said so. She loved making up stories in her head and she had entered several creative writing pieces for the school paper. That settled it; her imagination was working overtime at the moment. Shaking her head, she tried to get the image out of it, but she could still see the two glowing