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imprecise; though a good approximation that worked for large-scale events, it failed to account for atomic subtleties. Bohr was happy to force this confrontation between the old physics and the new. He felt that it would be fruitful for physics. because original work is inherently rebellious, his paper was not only an examination of the physical world but also a political document. It proposed, in a sense, to begin a reform movement in physics: to limit claims and clear up epistemological fallacies. Mechanistic physics had become authoritarian. It had outreached itself to claim universal application, to claim that the universe and everything in it is rigidly governed by mechanistic cause and effect. That was Haeckelism carried to a cold extreme. It stifled Neils Bohr as a

biological Haeckelism and stifled Christian Bohr and as a similar authoritarianism in philosophy and in bourgeois Christianty had stifled Soren Kierkegaard. Bibliography Rodes, Richard. The Making of the Atomic Bomb. New York: Ssimon and Schuster, 1986. “Nuclear Wapon.” The Enclopedia Britannica. Encylopedia Britannica In. Chicago V8; 1991, p 820-821. 317