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Babylonians influenced Assyrian life, the Assyrians influenced their followers. One such group was the Persians, who reaped the benefits of the Assyrians, but they ruled with a more lenient style. So it is easy to see how the Assyrians contributed to the world then and now. They have given the world many ideas and innovative beliefs that have shaped the lives of people throughout the world. Throughout history, civilizations have come along that shape the world around them. The Assyrians had a large impact on Mesopotamian culture. As mentioned before, they gave the land many new ideas and many new strategies for survival. Their military prowess alone could be considered as the greatest of all time. Their ideas of government opened doors for many other cultures to survive. Assyrian

economy was the most advanced of the time, which led other to follow in their economic ways. Technology also sets them apart with the civilizations around them. With such inventions and the horse drawn chariot, they began a whole new way to fight in battles. This impact in history has given their culture a lasting imprint in the history of the world.