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the armed people stayed. The busses were off to the naval base. We were getting ready to leave when the rest of the army advanced toward the school. Chris and I ran to my car. Starting it, we raced on the road that the busses had taken. We soon saw that the road we were on was full of enemy troops. I opened the sunroof and told Chris to stand up. He stood up and with his new assault rifle began to take out anyone aiming at the car. I used my pistol and shot (through the windows) anyone that wore the uniform of an officer.We were finally out of the battle zone. After six hours of driving, we got to the naval base. What I saw horrified me, there were young children (first grade probably) being cut down, with two police officers being pressed back by ten of the enemy. We drove into

the middle of this slaughter and jumped out of the car before it ran into a large group of them. This left about ten to deal with. Using our weapons, we made short work of them. The police officers had been killed. Only fifty of the children had survived. One of my friends waved from a ship docked. “Hurry,” I shouted, “get on this one. We will be leaving soon, I hope.”We boarded a ship, the U.S.S. Victory. I ran to the bridge to find Chris making the ship ready to go. “Report,” I said between breaths.”This ship is idiot proof, all of the girls have taken the U.S.S. Endeavor. We thought it would be better for sleeping arrangements. We were trying to make a quick departure, but now we have time to properly start the engines. This ship can go up to forty knots. It is

water jet propelled. We will be leaving shortly.”"Sir,” shouted the boy manning the helm, “we are ready to leave.”"Helm,” I ordered, “take us out.”The U.S.S. Victory left the port and went out into the ocean…