The Assault Part 1 Search For Victory

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The Assault: Part 1: Search For Victory Essay, Research Paper I am a normal kid, well sort of. Everyone has those different things about them, for example: I fly planes, fence, and can perform geometry in my head. I am also a good shot with almost any type of gun. I am one of the best strategists in my school. Troon High School, the high school of Troon a town just north of Corpus Christi, Texas is one of the only schools in the state to have a fencing team. We have been the highest rated one in the state only the year I have been here. I am the second best, the best being another 9th grader, Drew Davis. Now, it’s time to get to the story.I blocked a downward slash, then gave a weak thrust, mostly to give myself time to regain my balance. He moved back about two paces, I

had gained ground. He still had one advantage over me, height. He always won using attacks from above. This match had been going on for about ten minutes, a very long time. The next thing he did surprised me, jumping high in the air; his foot came up and kicked my sword out of my hand. He thrust at me, but missed due to a backward flip on my part. As soon as I landed, I tried to kick his sword away, but his blade found the sensor above my heart. “Match over,” the new scoring system announced, “Drew Davis wins over Justin Mills.”"I’m still better than you, for all of your intelligence,” he taunted at me.He always was trying to provoke a fight with me. Next was the self-defense class that our school was making required after what happened in Colorado. I guess they

wanted students to be able to repel any future shootings. I personally think that teaching everyone to fight just gives them a weapon of their own. I hurried to class, yet was still late. “Remember,” the teacher was saying, “if your opponent is armed, go for the hand. Never let the gun or knife aim at you. The best thing to do is kick the hand with the weapon.”The teacher then proceeded to demonstrate the exact technique Drew used to disarm me in my last fencing match. It was almost the time to go to lunch when I heard Drew’s voice come over the school intercom. “All students and staff, the school is now taken over. There are forty well-armed men in the building, as well as ten thousand more out in the town. Your country will fall to us.”I rushed to the door, but it

opened before I could get there. A man carrying a submachine gun wearing a tan colored combat uniform burst in. I quickly kicked him in the jaw. His head snapped back, and during this I kicked the gun out of his hand. Rolling, I picked up the gun and fired one shot at him, it hit him in the head. Searching his body, I found a pistol as well. I tossed the machine gun to my most trusted friend, Chris Hobson. “Everyone,” I said, “Head for the cafeteria, get other classrooms, Chris, guard them and choose who else gets armed. We can do this. There is a naval base six hours away from here, we can use the busses.”I dashed out into the corridor and seeing two more armed men, I fired two hopeful shots that struck home. I called Chris over to them and gave him their weapons. I ran

to the front stairway, looked over, and took out three more. I ran down the first half of the stairs, then jumped over the railing down to the first floor. I ran to the cafeteria and dove over the first brick wall (our cafeteria is split my four foot high brick walls). I stood up and faced behind me, the entire cafeteria starting to hear the shouts of the men coming down the hall. I spotted them and then unloaded my gun into them, taking out about five or six. One of then dove over the wall, and tried to shoot me. I was too quick, already kicking him in the face. He fell right there and I grabbed his gun as quickly as I could. Standing up, I fired the gun (almost falling over from the kick) and pushed them back. Drew fled the scene and the rest of the school was loading up. Just