The Assassination Of John Fitzgerald Kennedy Essay

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The Assassination Of John Fitzgerald Kennedy Essay, Research Paper The Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for yourcountry.” This is one of the most famous quotes said by the late President Kennedy. Hisdeath is a very controversial and mysterious one. In this paper, I don’t plan on trying totell you exactly what happened or who assassinated the President, but rather give you abackground on Kennedy and how that could have played a key role in his assassination. Iwill then go on to talk about two different conspiracy theories, each of which havestrengths and weaknesses to them. Through, reading this paper, I hope that I will giveyou enough evidence to form your own opinion on who shot and killed former

PresidentKennedy. First I would like to go into some background information about the formerPresident. John’s parents immigrated to Boston. John came from a well-rounded family. His father was a graduate from Harvard, and then went on the be the youngest bankpresident at the age of 25. John was born to this family on May 29, 1917 in BrooklineMassachusetts. John grew up going through the private school system in Massachusetts. He was also voted “most likely to succeed” by his class. (Grolier Online, 2). Before John decided to run for office, he had been an US Senator. Then inJanuary 1960, he decided to make a run for the Presidency. He first had to conquer theprimaries, which weren’t particularly easy. He first had to defeat Hubert Humphery Jr. ofMinnesota. After he had

defeated candidate Humphery, he was a shoe in for theDemocratic nomination. He swept the Democratic convention and then he named LyndonB. Johnson as his running mate. (Grolier Online, 5). After he had won the Democratic nomination, things became tough for Kennedy. His main opposition was the Republican nominee Richard Nixon. As every candidate hashis own slogan Kennedy’s was “We stand today on the edge of the New Frontier.” Thetwo candidates appeared in a number of television debates, and before, during, and afterthe debates, each pole had Kennedy coming out on top. The 1960 election was a tightrace. Kennedy won the election by a mere 119, 450 popular votes. The electoral countwas 303 to 219 in favor of Kennedy. (Grolier Online, 5) Kennedy had accomplished two major items

by being elected to office. The firstthing that Kennedy accomplished was that he was the youngest elected President of theUnited States of America. The second major accomplishment was that he was the firstever Roman Catholic to be elected to office. I know these may not seem like majorevents, but those are two of the many things that come to mind when the name John F.Kennedy is mentioned. (Grolier Online,5). Once Kennedy got elected, there were a few major things that tested the Presidentearly on. The first big test was the Bay of Pigs. The Bay of Pigs incident happened inApril of 1961. What happened is the United States wanted to establish a beachhead inCuba. So the CIA worked with President Kennedy to specially train units to go into Cubaand capture the Bay of Pigs. When the

Americans reached the bay and were ready toinvade, they were met by Cuban forces and lost the invasion. (Grolier Online, 6). The Second major disaster to hit the administration was the Berlin Issue. This wasa harming blow to the administration because it occurred almost right after the Bay of Pigsincident. The Berlin issue started in the late Spring of 1961 and went on till 1962. TheBerlin issue was between President Kennedy and the Soviet Premier Nikita Khushchev. Khushchev threatened to sign a peace treaty with East Germany that would give controlover access routes to Berlin. President Kennedy responded by reporting this to theAmerican people: “I made it clear to Mr. Khushchev that the security of Western Europe,and therefore our own security, and deeply involved in presence