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Gogh, his life history should be first looked at. After countless rejections from women, Vincent ended up in a mental asylum. During 1888 he cut of his left earlobe, which demonstrated how depressed he really was. At this time he began to improve mentally and was released January 7 of the next year . We can see his mental energy in one of his most recognizable works entitled Starry Night. Due to his experiences in the asylum we can observe his repressed energy being brought out into his piece. The bright colors in the stars are extremely powerful. His quick, spontaneous and energetic brushstrokes are great examples of his agitated mental condition. These examples tell us a lot about the artist in this case. However, in other cases, the art subtly reflects the artist s beliefs and

experiences. Mondrain s works were those of an artistic genius or of a deeply repressed, lonely man. These were the words of critics towards De St l artist Piet Mondrain. Mondrain strictly used vertical and horizontal lines intersection at 90. angles. He also used primary colors with black lines and white backgrounds. By looking at his works, one can see that Piet could have been indeed, lonely and repressed. This is due to the simplistic forms of his art. He only used squares and rectangles. The colors he used were always the same. However, it could also prove that he was an artistic genius. Instead of using complicated shapes to portray something he used simple shapes that produced hardly any emotion. Although Mondrain s work does not produce emotions in the observer, other

artist s work can create an excess of emotion. One such artist was Andy Warhol. Warhol believed that the world also had an ugly side. This is when he began to create art that depicted this belief. He has created art that seems shocking and sometimes disturbing. An example is Gun from 1981, which shows the distorted image of a handgun. The image seems to be clear and sharp causing a bold and harsh reality about guns in our society. The year in which this was created also proves that deaths involved with guns were on the rise. One can see that Warhol used images such as these to conjure up a feeling inside of the observer. As we see all these examples of art, we can see a clear meaning of what the artist was influenced by. By producing a graphic image, the artist would seem to be

in touch with reality or mentally disturbed. In contrast, by producing an emotionless image, we can see that the artist has created that on purpose. Overall, by examining an artist s background and history, it proves that their experiences and beliefs to influence their art work.