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for a reference point and listen to the song more than once. Your first time listening to it you should get a general idea of what the song is like, what its about, and what it has. After that you add more information by listening to each part of the music individually. Lyrics are the easiest to analyze. You must write all the lyrics down and figure out if there is a verse structure. The chapter then goes into the different types of Melody. First there is the Soprano- lead melody. The lead melody is sometimes called the soprano melody which means the highest melody. Then there is the bass melody, which is normally played by an instrument rather then sung. It is halfway between melody and rhythm, or beat. It is usually low sounding, repetitive and continuos. It is the foundation

for the instrumental ensemble. Instruments are another part of melody. It is the instruments that give rock and roll its character and beat. The drums provide the beat, the guitars provide continous rhythm, and the bass guitar plays the bass melody. When analyzing you must also recognize the Rhythm and Harmony. They both determine the complexity of the composition and we must become aware of changes in rhythm or harmony because they indicate changes in the song. Chapter three discusses the sources of Rock. Slave music was important because when they were brought to the United states they also brought with them their music which was blues and later on early jazz. Acculturation began as soon as their were American-born slaves. They would sing work songs which were basically chants

which later on formed to become blues. As blues developed so did early forms of Jazz. One of these forms was the cakewalk was the cakewalk which was a danced step used to make fun of how stiff the white man walked and later on became the first truly Afro-American dance step. Another form was Ragtime which was a piano style which has four main themes. Then came along other piano styles such as stride, dixieland, and the boogie-woogie which was the first obvious influence for rock and roll. In the 1930’s blues took on a different character because of changes in society, black musicians developed big bands and blues singers continued to have great importance which eventually fostered rhythm and blues. Rock and roll started to develop in the last part of the 1930’s mainly because

of the start of the removal of the color line between musicians. Chapter four discusses early rock. They started to somewhat define the rock category by saying that rock uses certain rhythmic devices, its lyrics and jargon came from the jump blues, rhythm and blues, country, or some combination, many pieces use a blues progression, and the basic style of performance is continuos shouting by the singer and continuos playing by the instrumentalists. There were different types of songs that started to show the development of rock. Shouting, songs in which lyrics were shouted over the band background, was a predominant style of early rock and the foundation for the careers of famous rock musicians. Ballad singing is also an important part of early rock and roll, it is a big band tune

from rhythm and blues tradition. Then there was novelties , which were a third kind of rock song. It was a song with some gimmick that makes it catchy. During the 1950’s most Americans felt secure, we started to see ourselves as a world power. We were involved in the cold war and blacks had started their movements. Because of the cultural situation rock and roll became a focal point for rebellion. The marketing techniques were very primitive, but started to turn rock and roll into a multimillion dollar business. Chapter five discusses Bill Haley and the Comets and how they set a model for rock and roll. There is not much to be said about this chapter because Haley wasn’t a great musician and others would come after him and do a better job at music then he did, but he was

essentially one of the first groups to use the elements of music just right to be labeled a rock and roll musician. Chapter six talks about a person who was far more important in giving rock and roll its lasting power then Bill Haley and that person was Elvis Presley. Presley had Musical and personal qualities that far surpassed Haley. Presley opened up markets for other musicians and served as a symbol for the development of marketing techniques. He influenced a tremendous number of musicians. There were other musicians who came from Memphis and were labeled the Memphis Mafia. They produced a more marketable combination of records using ballads and novelties. Country was also influenced by this wave of new rock musicians and created the Nashville sound. Some rockabilly musicians