The Art Of Pitching Essay Research Paper

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The Art Of Pitching Essay, Research Paper After a couple weeks thinking about what I could do my I-search project on, I finally decided to do it on my future career choices. It was really hard to pick just one thing that I wanted to learn more about for this project. I am not really sure what I want to be, but I have a good idea. The two careers that fit me the most though are, massage therapy and business management. I know a little about these careers, but I want to know more about them. What is the salary? That is the question that I really want to find out, because any normal person wants to have money and nice things. I don t want to be poor all the time with a bad paying job. Am I going to have fun going to work every day? I don t want to have to dread going to work

every day. I want to enjoy myself. That is were I prefer massage therapy a little bit more, because I like it when I can make people happy and feel better. I already know what the jobs consist of so I really don t want to look up too much about that. Right now in my life I am mostly worrying about getting through high school. I am not even sure about college, because I am not even sure I know what I want to be. The reason why I chose this topic is to find out what I really want to be. The first place I went to look is the internet. I really wasn t sure where to start on the internet. It is huge and has so much information. After doing a report for Trig/Pre-Calc class I learned that ( had every bit of information I needed to do my report. That is where I started at. I

didn t find very much though. The only thing there that I could find was numerous amounts of colleges that want to teach people massage therapy. Also there were places where you can go to get massages, which is not what I am searching for. At that point I thought this project was going to be impossible, because I couldn t find any of the information that I wanted. I looked on the same site for business management and I found less information then massage therapist. All the information the sight had was businesses that had openings to sell and one job opening for a business manager. That ended my search at After that I was so frustrated, so I took a break and went to talk to some of my friends on instant messenger. I asked one of my buddies that lives in Pittsburgh if

he knew any sites where I could go to find out information on the two careers I am searching on. He found me two really good sites that made my search move along really quick. The two sites are ( and ( These gave me salaries and benefits of my two career searches. This kid made me very happy, because if it wasn t for him I probably would have chosen a different topic. On The ( site I found a lot of information that came from a bunch of different people with the career of business manager. Here is one opinion from a guy that wrote into the site: From Lexiisloved on Wednesday December 13, 2000 at

08:22 PM: December 12, 2000, I work as a business manager making $22k, I barely make it each month, and I really hate living check to check. This person s comment make me think a little bit differently about wanting to be a business manager. Although I realized that there are more than 1 kind of manager. I am guessing he worked for a small business that doesn t offer much. This guy got me wondering, so I checked out more comments. This one gave me a whole different view off the career. From Jwms06 on Friday December 01, 2000 at 04:41 PM: I am a restaurant manager for a hotel chain, I will be moving to myrtle beach ,sc [sic] the first week of January if there is anyone in need of an asst. or manager I have 7 years experience and will be looking for employment immediately in this