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not lie. His letter told of how lying makes people extremely untrustworthy, and how being trustworthy is an important characteristic, especially in an occupation such as politics. At the bottom of the letter the boy s father wrote a P.S. He explained that the letter was punishment for lying, and the boy, after being caught in his lie, he exclaimed in his defense “the president lied. His father then wrote He’s still having difficulty understanding why the president can lie and not be punished. 4 Maybe adolescent lying is just as common as adult lying, except adults have just learned to be more believable. Several studies have been done dealing with lying, and one even told of the 4 most common lies. These are as follows. Number one: Lying to Impress others. You lie to make

people think higher of you, respect you, worship you etc….(lying to people you meet online under a false identity for a cheap thrill also falls under this category) Examples: Hi, I’m Wally. I have over a million dollars in my bank account and I own the shiny, new, red convertible in the parking lot. What’s your name? , 6 Number two: Lying to Protect Yourself. You lie to prevent any sort of abuse which may be inflicted to yourself or others. Examples: Amber, I love your new phone… or Beware, for I am a 9th degree black belt, you might of seen me in that movie with all those ninjas… , 6 Number three: Lying to Get Your Way. You lie so that others will either take pity on you and give you something or you guilt people into giving you one of their prized possessions.

Example: I only have 6 months to live. All I’ve ever wanted was a car. I don’t have the money, but I’ll never get the chance to drive one, can’t you just make an exception? Just this once? It’s my dying wish… , 6 Number four: Lying To Get Out Of Trouble. You lie to avoid punishment-this one is simple. Examples: What? I can’t believe you would accuse me of such *working up some tears* we’ve been friends for so long-when did we loose each other’s trust?!? , 6 Basically, we are not categorized as liars and non-liars. We all fall into the category of liars, it s just which category of liars we put ourselves in, and to which degree of that category do we reach. Of course the most trusting people are going to be at the lowest degree of lying and we all know that the

world would be a better place without so much lying going on. Some advice: If you arrive in the situation where a lie could save you a lot of trouble, always tell the truth. Telling the truth, whether it be bad or not, will help you just because of the moral values you are showing. More than likely, the lie will come back to haunt you. Even if the odds are low that you might get caught, is it worth the risk?