The Art Of Lying Essay Research Paper

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The Art Of Lying Essay, Research Paper THE ART OF LYING Lying. People have been lying since the beginning of time. Some people are good at it, and some people are horrible at it. There are some that have mastered the art and make money at it. Lawyers, for example, are known for their skill as liars. Whatever profession, hobby, or special interest that brings us to communicate with others a person has will bring the art of lying in to play. Picture this: a professional poker player strolls into the Taj Mahal Casino and takes a seat at the Hold em table. No one recognizes him or expects him to be a card shark, so people sit down with him. These people have no idea what they ve just done. They play for a while, and lose a couple hundred dollars and then get up to let the next

one try. The pro just sits there and exclaims I m just lucky I guess . Well, we d all be lucky if we could tell when others are lying or not. This pro feeds off the facial expressions and body movements of his opponents, and therefore doesn t even really need to know what is in his own hand. If he knows that his competition is holding nothing, and bluffing, he ll win the hand. If he can tell that they are holding a good hand, he will fold, and give them a small pot. This is mastering the art of lying. A good liar can tell when someone else is lying. Four subtopics will be discussed in the following paragraphs about lying. First, the three main groups of liars, or lies, will be explained and examples will be given. Second, the fact that everyone lies on a regular basis and/or has

lied at some point in their life will be discussed with reasons and opportunities pointed out. Third, a short section will explain why children tend to lie too often. And last, the four most common types of lies will be pointed out. The three main groups of lies are: Pathological lies, Little White lies, and Necessary lies. A deliberate liar knows he is lying. A pathological liar may not. 5 Everyone knows a pathological liar, whether they are being medically treated for their illness or not, and certain precautions are met when communicating with one. Most people except the person as one that tells tall tales and just agrees with the liar, but in their mind they are disagreeing. It s difficult for a person to become close to a liar of this magnitude, but the condition can be

treated with medication if their loved ones care and try to fix the problem. Little white lies are untreatable. They re untreatable in the sense of medicine, but psychologically they are treatable. People tell little white lies deliberately to try and get their way. Sometimes people feel that if they bend the truth just a little, (little being a lot, actually) then maybe they will get that big promotion or that job they have been trying to land. These are the types of people that will tell you whatever you want to hear to impress you. Young men between the ages or 18-24 are famous for bragging about their success with women, and this will do one of two things; impress the idiot who is listening, or make a complete fool out of themselves, the latter being the case that happens

most often. Hopefully, after a person realizes how dimwitted they have made them self look, they will think twice before exaggerating so much. Everyone has told their loved one or spouse that they look good tonight when asked, when actually they didn t think so. Times like these arrive all too often, and in order to keep peace we tell these necessary lies. This fact really doesn t need to be explained in great detail because the reason for this type of lie is obvious and quite justified. We all have lied. Probably 999 people out of 1000 will admit to lying at least a few times in their life, and the other one person is lying. Even the President of the U.S. lies. A young boy was caught lying and his punishment was to write a letter to his congressman explaining why people should