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The Arm Of The Starfish Essay, Research Paper The Arm of the Starfish The title of this book is The Arm of the Starfish. It was written by Madeleine L Engle. She named it The Arm of the Starfish, because Dr. O Keefe is studying starfish. Humans and Starfish are closely related and Dr. O Keefe is seeing if because starfish can regrow limbs maybe humans can too. The setting of this story is in many places in Portugal. Some of the places in Portugal are Lisbon, Madrid, and Gaea. It is set in the present time and during the summer. The protagonist or main character of this book is Adam Eddington. He is sixteen, near seventeen. He is not use to being on his own. He is a great marine biology student. He grew up in New York, and worked with a scientist, Dr. Didymus, until Dr.

Didymus sent him to work for Dr. O Keefe. He is now going to Gaea to work for Dr. O Keefe. The antagonist of this book is Typhon Cutter. He s at a high place with the Embassy. He is very oddly shaped, with a large body and very skinny arms. Adam and others describe him as a spider. He has a daughter, Carolyn Cutter, who is very beautiful, but isn t such a large enemy to Adam. She works for her father, until she finds out he is working against the Embassy. Adam Eddington was going to a small island in Portugal, Gaea, to work for Dr. O Keefe, an acclaimed scientist. At the airport, he meets a girl named Kali. She tells him to watch out for Canon Tallis and Dr. O’Keefe. He meets Canon Tallis and Poly, Dr. O Keefe s daughter, and they become friends. Canon Tallis has to leave so he

leaves Poly to go to Gaea with Adam. Adam loses Poly. He goes on to Lisbon and meets Kali. Kali brings him to meet her father Typhon Cutter. He has Poly and gives her back to him. He then meets Joshua Archer, a man who works at the embassy. He learns from Joshua that Dr. O Keefe is not bad, he is working for the Embassy. He is now forced to choose, between Dr. O Keefe and Kali Cutter, between a scientist working for his country, and a beautiful girl, whose father is working against his country. Adam goes to Gaea, and sees all the work Dr. O Keefe is doing. After thinking, Adam chooses Dr. O Keefe. He starts working for Dr O Keefe, and also against Mr. Cutter. He helps Dr. O Keefe lead Mr. Cutter in the wrong direction by giving him phony papers and research. He also got the real

papers to the Ambassador, even though sadly, Joshua was killed. Adam continued his job with Dr. O Keefe for the rest of the summer. I would recommend The Arm of the Starfish to anyone. I would because it was very thrilling and entertaining. This is a very good book for someone who likes adventures. On a scale of one to ten I would give this book a nine.