The Arch Duke Francis Ferdinand Essay Research

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The Arch Duke Francis Ferdinand Essay, Research Paper Why The Duke Was Chosen. The Archduke was chosen as a target because Serbians feared that after his ascension to the persecutions of Serbs living within the ASTRO-Hungarian Empire of Serbia had gained independence from the OTTEMAN Empire in 1878. At the time, Serbia laid claimed to several regions of Bosnia, which were primarily inhabited by Serbs. However, the congress of Berlin granted permission to Austria-Hungary to occupy Bosnia and Herzegovina, including, including the disputed Serbian areas. I 1908, Austria-Hungary officially annexed all of occupied Bosnia and Herzegovina, adding additional fuel to the fires at Serbian nationalism. The Serbian terrorist organization, the Black Hand had trained a small group of

teenage operatives a to infiltrate Bosnia and carryout the assassination of the Archduke. It?s unclear how officially active the Serbian government was in the plot. However years later the leader of the Black Hand, colonel DRAGUTIN DIMITRIJEUC, was also head of the Serbian military intelligence. ATTEMPS OF DEATH ON THE ARCH As Francis Ferdinand and his party proceeded through Sarajevo, the first Black Hand operatives tossed a bomb at the Archduke?s automobile. The chauffeur saw the explosive and accelerated to avoid the impact, Sophie ducked and Francis Ferdinand deflected the bomb with his arm causing it to bounce off the back of the car and explode behind them, demolishing the next car and seriously injuring several aides. To avoid capture, interrogation ext, the unsuccessful

assassin, nine-teen-year-old Ned Elko Carbinovic, swallowed a Cyanide pill and jumped in to the river. However, he was hauled out of the river and detained. THE ARCHDUKE?S MURDER. As the Archduke?s entourage resumed its tour of Sarajevo, the Archduke?s chauffeur took a wrong turn and fired two pistol shots. One bullet hit Sophie, killing her instantly. The other hit Francis Ferdinand, who died within minutes. Like Carbinovic, Princip attemped suicide, but was captured before succeeding.