The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kr Essay Research

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The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kr Essay, Research Paper The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz The novel Duddy Kravitz is based in Montreal, Canada during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The key features of the work by Mordecai Richler that strikes me, is that during this period possessing land was very important to people in Canada. Canada use to have lands divided amongst the class and race of the people. A man without land is a nobody is an important statement giving by Duddy s grandfather. Duddy; therefore, was in search of a piece of land to own. The images that stands out the most is how Duddy is a young boy, who always wants to be someone he is not. His constant shaving to get a beared and the way he acts shows he wants to be an adult. This novel makes me

think about my future. If you stick by your dreams, you can fulfill it. Don t let anyone get in your way. This novel makes me feel more concern and scared about my future. Duddy is the same age as myself in the novel and knows what he wants. I don t even know what I want or do with my life. It puts me in a optimistic mood about my coming years and the choices I have to start making. What I like about this novel is that Duddy is a determined and strong character. He does not give up on his goals and does whatever necessary to accomplish them. What I did not like about the novel is that some of the chapters were confusing to understand. It went to another scene or different characters without a smooth introduction which confuses me. I was still expecting to continue off with the

previous chapter. The novel reminds me of my uncle. He was determined to go back to school and didn t let anything stop him. My views did change as I read the novel. Before I believed you are the one who makes yourself the way you are. People that come into your life are the ones who changes you and makes you the way you are. The ideas that challenged me by reading this novel is how we handle our relationships towards the ones we love and the ones we hate. My overall response to Duddy Kravitz is that its an enjoying and learning experience novel. Life does have a meaning, and we are here for a reason. Sometimes once you have fulfilled the dreams and goals we want, we loose things in return. That s how life is. We just have to deal with it. Material things are not everything and

friends and family are much more important.