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hands. After hours of pouring and swishing, I gathered a nice collection of gems, including rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and amethysts. I woke up extra early the next day to pack my things up and to clean the hotel room. Everyone was sleepy, so we took short naps on the bus until we arrived at the Appalachian Trail. The hike was 8.3 miles long, so we had all day to spend taking pictures. I decided to use this time alone to think about the past three days. I looked down at the valleys of flowers and realized that I was standing in the clouds. I felt so close to God; it was amazing! After hours of climbing up and down the mountains, we finally reached the end of our trail. We returned to the bus and drove back to Myrtle Beach. I learned more about myself while I was in North

Carolina. I discovered that whatever life throws at me, I will be prepared to face it head on. I realized that the things most important to me are Jesus and taking care of myself as well as caring for others. When something is holding me down, I learned that sometimes it is best to just turn around backwards and do a backflip away from my troubles. Only God knows what will happen to me, but I cannot be afraid of falling or else I will never know what it is like to fly. 332