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similarities and differences. One similarity that both authors of the bible share is that each scripture talks about Jesus resurrection in some form or another. Each scripture expresses emphasis on oral tradition within their writings. Another similarity would be the mention of apocalyptic views that proves to be evident in both forms of scripture. The Resurrection of Jesus is also implied in both writings. In dealing with his resurrection, the reference to Jesus empty tomb is dually noted in each authors writing. The appearance of the individual Mary Magdaline is equally evident in both Johns Gospel and Paul s letter to the Corinthians Colossians. Differences prove to be a factor between both scriptures. In Paul s letter to the Colossians, the introduction starts with a greeting

proclaiming thanksgiving and prayer. While the Gospel according to John expresses importance on the disciples of Jesus, the scripture of Paul is based more on a format of prayer. The length of both articles is also different. John s Gospel contains 4 sections and 3 editions. Paul s letter to the Colossians contains only 5 sections total. Another comparison between the two scriptures is that Paul uses his name and refers to himself as an apostle within his own writings. However, John does not make any reference to himself in his writing. As clearly presented there are many differences and similarities between both authors of the bible. #3. The Apocalyptic worldview as told through the writers of the Bible, is illustrated, as possessing great revelations of God s mystery through

the media of angels. It is a time where cosmic transformations will occur as well as the judgment of all souls. In general synopses, the apocalypses are of a two-type form: the historical apocalypse and the apocalypse of Abraham. The first is illustrated in the book of Revelations as well as Daniel. This type of apocalypse deals with a large historical manner. The ending of the world is preceded by catastrophic occurrences. There is a hope of salvation through the restoration of Israel, however the transition into a new different world (i.e. heaven), is greatly emphasized. In the second, that of Abraham, a visionary exists, (guided by angels or angelic forms). It ascends to the Heavens above, where along its ascension experience the visions of the abodes of those deceased. The

Apocalyptic worldview is illustrated through the gospel of Mark and Paul s letters. In Mark s Gospel predictions are made concerning politics, natural disaster as well as the persecution of all people. All of these occurrences are the pathway that leads to the return of the son of man. Mark s apocalypse revelation is often referred to as the synoptic writings . Mark s writing encompasses images from the Jewish apocalyptic writings, which is persecution literature. In Paul s letters there is a more consoling tone than that of Mark s Gospel. He incorporates the idea that the dead have been snatched from this life as well as the idea that nothing of this world can touch those of the deceased. However, it is not quite clear as to whether or not the risen Christians will live in

splendor on Earth with the Lord or ascend to Heaven. Where they will exist for all eternity. #4 The Gospel of Mark and the Gospel of Matthew tell the same story. The story is that of the crucifixion of Jesus. Although both Gospels are records of the same event, they differ greatly. Some analysts speculate Matthew used Mark s gospel as a mechanism to create his own. The similarities are so staggering, even some of the wording in the two gospels are the same. Both Gospel s start by saying at noon time Jesus cried out My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? After, the story lines are generally the same; with the exception that mentions something like an earthquake, which Mark doesn t mention. There are also many other differences. Who the gospel was intend for is one difference.

Mark wrote his gospel for gentile Christians. Matthew wrote his gospel for Jewish Christians. The message differs between the two gospels as well. Mark s message is Take up your cross and follow me . Matthew s is I have come, not to destroy, but to fulfill the law-take up your cross and follow me. To sum it up, Mark s gospel is the account of Jesus life, from Galilee to Jerusalem. Matthew s gospel is Mark s story plus some added narrative; Matthew s five blocks of teaching material and Matthew mention the people see Jesus after his resurrected. #5 Luke has established a two-part form from which he develops his Gospel. Luke s work depicts the life, ministry, and death of Jesus. It also illustrates the fulfillment of God s promises to Israel through his son. Luke s intention for