The Ancient Art Of Jujitsu And The

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The Ancient Art Of Jujitsu, And The Modern Form Of Judo Essay, Research Paper Judo is a very interesting and complex modern sport based around the principles and rules of Jujitsu. I am interested in Judo because I used to be in Karate and Martial Arts. I am curious about the ancient Japanese forms of Martial Arts and how they affected the Japanese culture. I did not have much prior knowledge before this project except, but I did know some extremely basic moves such as punches and kicks. Also I know some about the honor and rituals that go into the sport from Karate Kid. My research question was, How did Judo affect Japanese culture? Judo is a well-known sport all around the world that has its basis in Jujitsu. Judo originally came from the old art form known as Jujitsu. It is

a popular sport today not only in Japan but all over the United States and the world. (The Japan of Today Pg. 23) Judo has been an Olympic Game since the 1964 Tokyo Games. (The Japan of Today Pg. 23) Judo has been known by many different names such as “Yawara”, “Taijutsu”, “Wajutsu”, “Torite”, “Kogusoku”, “Kempo”, “Hakuda”, “Hamiuchi”, “Shubaku”, “Koshinomawari” and most popularly “Jujitsu”. (Judo Information Site internet) I think that more people should take up Judo, I would if I had the time and I would suggest it to anybody with extra time. Judo is taught in many school all different just a little from each other. Judo is thought to have been created from the same tournament as sumo wrestling andother types of competition. Jujitsu

originated from ancient Japan and is the base around most if not all other form of Martial Arts. (Complete Reference Library CD) Historians believe that in 230 BC. there was a “Chikara-Kurabe” tournament, the contest of strength. (Judo Information Site internet) Many historians believe that this is the beginning of both Sumo Wrestling and Jujitsu. (Judo Information Site internet) The fact that Jujitsu and Sumo wrestling originated from the same place confuses me they are two totally different sports today but they began out of the same tournament. Its weird that these two sports originated from the same place because in my mind they are like complete opposites in Sumo Wrestling huge fat guy push other huge fat guys around a small ring until one rolls over. But in Judo and

Jujitsu a fighter has to use a array of complex moves and counter-moves to defeat opponent of many times larger stature instead of just another big fat guy. This tournament of Chikara-Kurabe was held in the 7th year of the Japanese Emperor Suinin. (Judo Information Site internet) A Judo tournament has extermly complex rules but I do understand how a person could understand the rule of Judo quite easily, just like many people do not understand all the rules of basketball but since I have played basketball for five or six years I do understand them all. In Judo tournaments matches consist of two, two minute continous fighting rounds with a thirty second break in between the two rounds. (U.S.S.J.A. internet) Fighters win by judge decision or by a tap out from his or her opponent.

Points are awarded to fighters for kicks, punches, throws, take-downs, and for ground work. Many of Judo’s rules are based around time, around being able to do certain things for only a certain number of seconds this forces Judo fighters to be fast and think in advance. A player can hold his opponent in any legal manner for up to five seconds while standing and/or in the process of working for a take-down or a throw. (U.S.S.J.A. internet) As soon as a opponent hits the floor a player has three seconds to score a point with his hand. If a player reaches the floor in a illegal manner he may not be scored upon. (U.S.S.J.A. internet) If both players reach the ground because of a legal sweep, take-down, or throw the players are given thirty seconds of ground work to achieve a mount