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the research for food-gatherers: cruelty was at a minimum, and now we are becoming more civilized and violent, I just wonder if we are to destroy ourselves as we do become more civilized. It s said quite the opposite statement will happen, that we all grow in such means that the world will become a utopian place. The book helps to show constant problems in behavior and the causes that pollute a man to this condition. From this I think society may take into account these causes and actually take them in and deal with them. In the psychological community this may help to pinpoint and find newer information and apply it. For the people who read this book, they will take in and should understand better the human self. Why it is so hard to comprehend each other now, we must now give

consideration to more factors. This will help to understand the factors and lead to other roads into the human mind. One thing to help would be to regard each other as co-species. Research was done in finding how animals and humans regard our own species. Animals for the most part identified their similar parts. They are more instinctive then us; they perceive smell, form, certain colors etc. to identify their own, as we are more wrapped up in language, clothes etc. We regard others, who live right near to us as strangers. We might take in from this that we do not have as strong instincts as animals, yet we don t identify with our fellow man as well either. My personal feelings toward these findings are that I cannot totally agree with them as this is only one source of

information. There might be 5 other books that contradict his, yet that does not necessary mean he is wrong. I think what he explains is rather logical and it is something to take in and see why we all act the way we do. I for the most part can accept these findings and not feel threatened like most other close-minded individuals. In a way I am only threatened by the fact that we as a society discloses the obvious, that because we do, we are oblivious to the real world and it s future. It can be encouraging that we are finding out what we really are about. Getting one step closer to the make-up of our complicated systems. Because of this research we may find out how to control our aggression and stop constant violent acts showing up. On the other hand all of this may be put into

the hands of the next Hitler and he may very well use this information to expand our hatred and create havoc. So to a point it is also threatening. I would like to see reduction in aggressiveness techniques used. To create a more calmer world, and not have any other necrophilics running around, but one or two would be a good balance. I found all this information interesting. I know I will do more research on topics that branch off from aggression, now that I have a little better understanding on it.