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nicer ring. Or, maybe that the brides friends are going to “tease” her if she has a flimsy looking engagement ring. So he in turn does the same thing as his bride-to-be. There is still the issue of the cake. After being compelled to get a more expensive ring and dress they both know that the cake has to be just as extravagant. So, they may opt for a cake with much more layers. It may be shocking but this is just a small piece of the money pie that they’re going to have to give away. Many different establishments have gained off of these so called “modern weddings.” One of them is the magazine industry . There are many different magazines about weddings that can be bought at any newsstand. Magazines such as Elegant Bride, Weddings World, Bridal Guide, and one of the most

popular is Modern Bride. There is even computer software, one in particular is called Bride’s Mate. Another establishment that has prospered off of weddings is the television and move establishment. Many movies are brought out based on weddings. One of the most recent is called The Bachelor. Some others are Runaway Bride, Father of the Bride, and Four Weddings and a Funeral, all of which consist mainly of comedy. The American way of weddings no longer brings only joy and happiness. It is also accompanied by a great deal of stress and financial distress. But, I guess as long as the joy and happiness are there then the wedding and the money was worth it.